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Honda and Nissan Considering Partnership on EVs

Honda and Nissan considering partnership on electric cars

Honda and Nissan this morning declared that they’re exploring a cooperation. The two companies said they’ve singed a memorandum of understanding to execute a feasibility study for a strategic cooperation that will concentrate on” vehicle electrification and intelligence,” which will include automotive software platforms.

Two Titans aiming to team up together

The two companies have signed a memorandum of understanding and will soon begin probing areas where they can most effectively cut costs through collaboration. This includes the common procurement of crucial factors to exploit husbandry of scale.

They added in a common statement that any deal will primarily concern EV corridor and software platforms and it may “ further accelerate sweats toward carbon impartiality and zero business- accident losses ”.

Nissan chairman and CEO Makoto Uchida said “ Honda and Nissan face common challenges ” and they “ aim to find palm- triumphs for sustainable growth ”.

The prospective cooperation comes as Japan’s auto assiduity flings to shield off a new strain of fast- moving companies devoted to electric buses , similar as BYD and Tesla. Uchida is quoted by the Reuters news agency as telling a press conference that “ arising players are veritably aggressive and are making raids at inconceivable speed ”. He added “ We can not win the competition as long as we stick to conventional wisdom and a traditional approach. ”

Honda CEO Toshihiro Mibe highlighted the urgent need to develop cost-cutting strategies, telling reporters: “We are limited by time and need speed. To be in a good position in 2030, we must make a decision now “.

The Japanese brands’ sentiments echo those of Renault Group president Luca de Meo. In an exclusive article for Autocar magazine, he recently called on the European auto industry to regulate itself in the face of the threat posed by American and Chinese automakers.

“As an antidote to the spread of dictates from various authorities, let us create a single center for mobility and automotive systems. We must promote the emergence of a framework of stable rules and standards throughout Europe, following what the Chinese have managed to achieve.”

“Let us create all the necessary conditions for structural projects to emerge and allow European champions to emerge in the field of key technologies. Europe has done it in the past: it is called Airbus.”

“By 2030, we should be among the best runners and be in a position to fight against the best players,” Mibe told AN. Initially, there are no plans to share vehicle architectures directly or rename models, but instead focus on improving the volume and cost of production of electric vehicle components.

“We cannot be complacent,” Nissan CEO Makoto Uchida told AN. An anonymous senior employee reportedly said: “We need to accelerate the electrification process and acceleration means investment and this requires achieving scale. For us, the most important thing is to make the supplier base more efficient.”

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