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Big investment in Seat brand brings revamped Ibiza and Arona

Big investment in Seat brand brings revamped Ibiza and Arona

Seat Master Wayne Griffiths says the brand “ is in great health ”, with its entire model line- up set to be refreshed in the near- future – and it’s continuing to probe options for a unborn entry- position electric auto.

In recent times, the Barcelona establishment has put its focus on performance- acquainted stock brand Cupra, which has led to reports that the Seat brand could eventually be retired.

But speaking at Seat SA’s periodic media conference, Griffiths claimed that the brand still has a crucial part to play. “ For us, it was always clear that the brand wasn’t going to vanish, ” he said. “ Why would you let a brand that has was for 70 times vanish? The question is when is the right time to do further? ”

Griffiths said that the recent focus on Cupra was necessary to ameliorate the company’s perimeters and profitability, and that the capability to increase Seat’s volumes was impacted in recent times by the semiconductor deficit.

But the establishment vended around 290,000 Seat models last time, a rise of 24 time on time. Griffiths added “ The communication is clear the Seat brand is in great health and will continue to play a crucial part in meeting our profitable growth in the future.

” He said that it’s “ important to get the Seat brand back where it belongs ”, which will involve “ new investments in the brand and its models

”. The Seat Leon will admit a facelift this time, with revamped performances of the Seat Arona crossover – the brand’s best- dealer – and Seat Ibiza door due to follow in 2025. The establishment gave a first look at the styling of those models in a videotape during the media conference. The Ateca will also be “ upgraded and have its life extended ” in the future.

Griffiths suggested that the streamlined models will admit revised draw- in mongrel and energy-effective powertrains, which will doubtless match those of other lately streamlined Volkswagen Group models that sit on the MQB platform.

Griffiths added that the establishment is “ looking at what we can deliver in the electric world under the Seat brand ”, adding that “ the stylish is still to come ”. While he said no opinions have been made, he did allude that the new entry- position platform being developed by Volkswagen for the sub-£ 20,000 ‘ ID 1 ’ could be an option.

Asked about that design, Griffiths said “ The design that the Volkswagen brand is working on is still in the first phase and it does n’t make sense for all brands at formerly to go straight into this member, so the group has set a precedence for Volkswagen – but for me it remains a clear ideal that we get an entry model for Seat.

“ Seat as a brand is in an ideal position to contribute to the group by attracting the youthful guests. We ’ve always been the entry gate into the VW Group. So for me it’s natural that in the future there will be an entry- model electric auto for Seat.

“ It’s just going back to the question when is the right time with the right platform with the right business case behind it that it makes sense for us. ”

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