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2024 Kia Telluride Review

Kia Telluride review


Kia Telluride Review

There are numerous reasons we put the 2024 Telluride at the very top of our SUV shopping list, similar as its handsome styling, smooth- handling V- 6, and near- luxury cabin. This three- row SUV has the goods to satisfy a wide range of buyers, but utmost of all it’s set up nicely to feed to families with its commodious three- row innards. Adventure campaigners will find plenitude of capability too. Not only does the Telluride hitch up to 5500 pounds, but it also has plenitude of room for weight and is available in a ruggedX-Pro guise that can handle relatively challenging out- roading. We would love a little further motorist engagement, but at least the Telluride rides beautifully and provides quiet cruising that reduces long- distance drivingfatigue.However, the Telluride is the mid-size SUV that stylish meets the requirements of those shopping in this member — we like it so much that we included it on our 2024 10Best exchanges and SUVs and 2024 Editors’ Choice lists, If you ask us.

What’s New

  • Amber day running lights
  • Black buff surface accentuations forX-Line andX-Pro trims

What We Think

After witnessing a major overhaul for the 2023 model time, the Kia Telluride carries over into 2024 with minor ornamental tweaks. Since it’s one of the stylish SUVs in its class, we are glad Kia is not intruding with its formula. The Telluride looks the part and exhibits great lift and handling characteristics for a vehicle of its size.

Inside the Telluride’s cabin, passengers profit from an adventure-ready and stoner-friendly design. Seating for front and alternate row passengers is supremely comfortable and there are plenitude of clever storehouse cubbies for road trip convenience. We appreciate that the Telluride’s control scheme uses a balanced mix of physical and touchscreen buttons.

The Telluride’s failings are many, but we do wish Kia would offer further than one machine. The naturally aspirated V- 6 powerplant returns average energy effectiveness despite its affair that simply matches utmost of its rivals. We have also noted that the third row is not as commodious as it could be; it’s better suited for children than grown-ups.

Offered in a wide selection of trims, the Telluride represents an excellent value for shoppers in need of a commodious vehicle. Kia’s three- row SUV offerings neither practicality nor style, solidifying its place near the top of its member.

Interior 8.5/10

How’s the interior? 

The Telluride offers a veritably ample and upmarket- feeling cabin with easy access to all three rows. Passenger space is excellent in both the alternate and third rows. The space feels more open thanks in part to the cornucopia of large windows. Only frontal- passenger knee room is a little tight.

The controls are easily labeled and grouped logically. Kia has dislocated the touchscreen closer to the motorist, making a formerlyextra-long reach a thing of the history. Visibility is excellent thanks to plenitude of large windows. The camera systems and parking detectors are helpful extras.

Technology 8.0/10

How’s the tech?

All Tellurides come with multitudinous collision avoidance and mitigation systems as well as adaptive voyage control that operates down to a stop. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration also comes standard, and multitudinous USB anchorages are spread across all three rows, although only one can transmit data. Wireless smartphone connectivity remains conspicuously absent. A standard12.3- inch infotainment touchscreen is mounted in a casing that puts it right next to the hand cluster. It gives all neat situations a large display that is fluently reached from the motorist’s seat.

SX models and above also get a matching12.3- inch instrument cluster display. The larger instrument cluster display makes the eyeless- spot view system more useful. The former display only measured 7 elevation and was small and pixelated, but the new one looks important clearer and works well in tandem with the eyeless- spot warning system to give the motorist helpful information. Kia’s trace Driving lift system is great. It accelerates and slows down easily while keeping the Telluride centered in its lane without clunk- ponging from side to side.

Storage 8.0/10

How’s the storage?

Cargo space is generous, with 21 boxy bases behind the third row and 87 cells with both rows folded down. The door opening is wide and accommodating, and there is a useful underfloor cube too. With a maximum towing capacity of 5,000 pounds, the Telluride matches class leaders.

Small- item storehouse is a weakness. While there are several options for organizing small particulars, there is much lower space for small particular particulars than in some challengers. Got small children? Child safety seats fit fluently, and the auto seat anchors are easy to find.

Fuel Economy 7.0/10

How’s the fuel economy? 

The all- wheel- drive Telluride’s EPA- estimated energy frugality is slightly below normal at 21 mpg combined( 19 megacity/ 24 trace). On the else side, our test Telluride achieved about 23 mpg on our 115- afar mixed- driving evaluation route, indicating that the EPA’s figures are realistic. You can run the V6 on regular gas, unlike some rival SUVs that bear ultraexpensive gas to return their rated power and energy frugality figures.

Value 8.5/10

Is the Telluride a good value? 

The Telluride might be the stylish value in the class for what you get. At every price point you just get a little bit redundant, from the driving experience to the innards to the standard and available features. And in top trims you get a near- luxury experience. Overall, we’re veritably impressed with the quality of the Telluride. You also get Kia’s emotional 10- time/ 100,000- afar powertrain bond.

Wildcard 9.0/10

It seems like Kia went hard for a” baby Land Rover” sense and nailed it without the Telluride coming across as a brummagem. It’s bargain luxury in a good way, and the Telluride’s space, design and driving experience are a step above challengers.

Recommended Trim

Kia offers the 2024 Telluride in 10 trims LX, S, EX, EXX-Line, SX, SXX-Line, SXX-Pro, SX Prestige, SX PrestigeX-Line, and SX PrestigeX-Pro. The Telluride EX may be the sweet spot of the range, starting at around$ 43,000. Hotted and voiced frontal seats, leather upholstery, and alternate- row window shades are some of the delicacies on this trim. For a little further plutocrat, the SX is also tempting at just over$ 47,000 with FWD and just over$ 49,000 with AWD. Notable standard outfit includes binary sunroofs, alternate- row captain’s chairpersons, a Harmon Kardon decoration audio system, and a 360- degree camera.

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