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“Audi will start in a new market segment – the Audi Q3 of the premium SUV in the compact format, he is sporty and efficient, versatile and trendy -.. A guy who is comfortable on all roads and trails well The Q3 presents the talents of Audi in all fields of technology -. in his light body, with the strong and efficient engines, the dynamic suspension and the highly developed assistance and multimedia systems, many of its features come directly from the luxury class.

Design and body
The Audi Q3 with the sportiest and most progressive design in its segment. The single-frame grille with the top corners trimmed dominates the front, which leads tautly arched bonnet on its outline. The wedge-shaped headlamps can be supplied with xenon plus units including LED daytime running lights. Large air intakes, demonstrating the potential of the engines.

The side view with the classic characteristics of Audi design. The tornado line breaks down the flank below the windows. In the area of ??the side sill is the dynamic line further accents the wheel arches are defined muscular. The sheet metal surfaces take a two-thirds of the vehicle body, the Glass House and the remaining third. The roof line drops off again early on, the D-pillars are flat as in a coupe.

Despite the coupe-like styling, the Audi Q3 is clearly recognizable as a member of the Q family. The wraparound tailgate is designed similarly to the larger sister models, Q5 and Q7. In conjunction with the xenon plus headlights act LED strip lights as tail lights. The double-flow exhaust tailpipes running. The Audi Q3 is 4.39 meters long, 1.83 meters wide and 1.60 meters high, counting the roof rails. Its drag coefficient of 0.32 is setting new standards in the segment, the clad underbody allows air to flow under the vehicle perfectly.

Audi’s new compact SUV painted in twelve colors, plus five customization options for the attachments to choose from. In addition to the standard black parts, you can choose between a full-color painting or remote mounting kit in charcoal for underrun protection and wheel arches. The off-road styling package Audi exclusive gives the Q3 a broad, powerful look. The S line exterior package, however, is designed in a classic Audi style for sportier clients.

The body of the compact SUV is highly rigid, impact, and acoustically comfortable. The passenger cell integrates many sheets of tailored thickness (tailored blanks) and hardened steels form of extreme strength. They come out with thin walls, thus reducing the weight. The hood and the tailgate of the Audi Q3 are made of aluminum. In the version with the new front-wheel drive, Audi does not bring another 1,500 kilograms.

The spacious interior of the Audi Q3 results, the stringy-light line of the outer designs continued harmonious. A large arc of wrap-around, he passes the driver and front passenger – known from the great series of the brand. The horizontal layout of the instrument panel emphasizes the width. The optional, up to seven-inch color display is located on the instrument panel and is a first in the Q-series.

An uncompromisingly high quality of workmanship is just a matter of honor for Audi as a stylish hand in the selection of colors and materials. Five color schemes with black, gray, beige and two brown tones are available for the interior. For the covers, there are three three leather fabrics and designs in inlays four radio versions, including open-pored wood larch and a new silver aluminum with an additional wire mesh and 3-D effect. The S line sports package offers another bar and the interior appears quite cool in black.

The operation of the Audi Q3 is a logical and intuitive – and this is typical of Audi. The instruments can be read at first glance, sure, and the seats provide excellent support and guidance. The chorus audio system with aux-in port is also standard equipment including air conditioning and an extensive package of restraint systems.

The many high-end options document the high technological standard of the Q3. Among them are the on-board computer with efficiency program, an ambient lighting package with numerous LEDs, a panoramic glass roof, pack a filing, sports seats, seats with electric adjustment and heating, comfort keys for easy vehicle access and engine start push, a two-zone deluxe automatic air conditioning, a dark rear windows and a three-spoke leather steering wheel in a new Q-specific optics. The adaptive light of the xenon plus headlights and the high-beam assistant illuminate the road in the dark from intelligent.

In the boot, the Audi Q3 plenty of room for leisure and sports equipment. The volume measures 460 liters by folding the split rear seat back, it grows to 1365 liters. A roof rack is standard. Many options make life more enjoyable with the compact SUV. Among them, a load compartment package, a front passenger seat with folding backrest, a reversible trunk floor, a change mat, a bumper strip, stainless steel, a load-through facility in the back are opposed to the rear seat and a ski bag. The Audi Q3 can tow trailers up to 2.0 tons.

The Audi Q3 is offered with four engines. It starts with two petrol and TDI engines in the market, the second TDI follows a little later. All four have four-cylinder 2.0-liter displacement. They offer high performance and rich torque of 280 to 380 Nm. All engines combine the powerful efficiency technologies together by Audi – the direct injection, turbocharging, the start-stop system and energy recovery.

The 2.0 TFSI is available with 125 kW (170 hp) and 155 kW (211 hp) to choose from. In the stronger version, it sprints in 6.9 seconds from zero to 100 km / h and 230 km / h speed limit. The 2.0 TDI with 130 kW (177 hp), and later with 103 kW (140 hp). In cooperation with the front-wheel drive uses the 103 kW (140 hp) version for 100 kilometers on average less than 5.2 liters of fuel.

Both TDI and the TDI are more firmly coupled to the quattro permanent four-wheel drive. A hydraulic multi-plate clutch, which the forces when needed quickly by redirecting the front to the rear axle is his heart.

The Q3 2.0 TDI with 103 kW (140 hp) with front-wheel drive rolls, and, like the Q3 2.0 TFSI with 125 kW (170 hp), from a manual six-speed manual transmission band. The 130 kW (177 hp) TDI and the 155 kW (211 hp) TDI quattro drive combine with the dynamic seven-speed S tronic. This can be switched on demand via paddles on the steering wheel. If the driver in the system Audi drive select mode, the efficiency has chosen the S tronic shift operation opens in the clutch – the sporty SUV then rolled the free-running, which reduces its fuel consumption even further.

The sporty character of the segment, combines superior safety with comfort – the suspension of the Audi Q3 looks balanced and harmonious. The four-link rear suspension processed separately, the longitudinal and transverse forces. The electro-mechanical power steering is sensitive, accurate and highly efficient, which also operated electromechanical parking brake increases comfort.

For all engine variants of the Q3, with the optional dynamic driving system Audi drive select ready. It accesses the throttle and steering. influenced in connection with the special equipment S tronic, Audi adaptive light, and adaptive cruise control are out. The driver can comfort the functioning of these systems between the modes, auto switch, and dynamic efficiency. At the level of work efficiency air conditioning and cruise control system specifically optimized consumption.

The factory Audi Q3 rolls on 16 inch alloy wheels with 215/65 tires in size, the top engines offer even 17 inches in diameter. Optional Audi wheels are produced by 17 to 19 inches, some of them come from quattro GmbH All tires are characterized by low rolling resistance, the brakes – ventilated at the front – are strong and stable. With its high ground clearance of 17 centimeters and a more rugged terrain is possible.

In the Audi Q3 integrates the ESP stabilization system, an electronic differential lock – it regulates the curve boundary moments the distribution of the drive to the wheels by small, barely perceptible brake intervention. In all variants, the one ESP trailer stabilization. On request, Audi has a hill start, at a later date of a hill descent assistant follows that keeps the speed constant in the gap.

Audi connect
Audi will for the Q3 provides an entire toolbox infotainment technology. The connectivity package, for example, includes the Audi Music Interface for integrating mobile player and a navigation preparation that can enable the customer immediately or at any later time.

Many other solutions come directly from the luxury class. The Bose Surround Sound system built around 14 speakers, the front woofers are illumined effectively in the dark. The high-end module for infotainment is the large hard-drive navigation system MMI plus – be manually extendable seven inch color screen presents high-resolution 3D graphics, the voice input means whole words.

At a somewhat later date, the MMI Navigation plus can be coupled with the Bluetooth car phone line, which integrates a UMTS card – connect the Internet under the heading of Audi come on board of the Q3, including special services. A Wi-Fi hotspot binds to mobile devices, passengers can go surfing and email in full.

The Bluetooth car phone online, the route chosen by the driver in the map image to be drawn from Google Earth. The Audi traffic information online information about how much the traffic on the route – its information is up to date and accurate, because they are generated by many vehicles.

Assistance systems
The assistance systems for the Q3 come from the higher ranges. The Audi side assist helps the driver to change lanes by radar, Audi lane assist active support him to stay in lane, if necessary, corrected by the steering slightly. The camera-based speed limit signs in the display to present the main screen of the optional driver information system.

For convenient parking equal to five systems are available. The park steering assistant takes the driver when reversing from a parking space in the transverse and longitudinal gaps in the steering work, and if necessary, he draws in several features. His twelve ultrasonic sensors detect obstacles such as concrete pillars, even if they lie away from the vehicle. The software saves their situation and alerts the driver when leaving a parking out on them.

The Audi Q3, the Spanish in Martorell near Barcelona from the tape running, starts in June in the sale. Its base price in Germany is the basic version of € 29,900. ”

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