Press Release:
Tokyo-TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (TMC) announces it plans to begin a gradual rollout in Japan in mid-2010 of its newly developed “G Sports”1 (G’s) sports conversion car2 series. The series, to be sold through Toyota-brand dealers, is meant to offer to a wider range of people the “automotive seasoning” that TMC has pursued through its GAZOO Racing3 activities.
The G’s series is designed for customers who strongly desire to own a unique vehicle, offering them a personalized interior and exterior design along with sports-driving performance. TMC has directly designed this sports conversion series, instead of the conventional approach of outsourcing development to a customization firm.
The base vehicle of the G’s series is equipped with internal and external components that include sports suspension, aerodynamic parts and racing-style seats. A special focus has been placed on “driving seasoning” to make handling fun, through fine-tuning carried out by the GAZOO Racing test drivers who drove the Lexus “LF-A” in the 24 Hours Nürburgring race in Germany and developed the “iQ”-based “GAZOO Racing tuned by MN4¨ (GRMN).
“Outline” Moon Craft Yura Style
* Front bumper
* G’s emblem (side, rear)
* LED beam line
* 18-inch alloy wheels and performance tires
* Red dots mark Toyota pedestal
* Rear bumper
* Dual Muffler
* Rocker Mall
* Carbon Aero Mirror
* Kabonborutekkusujenereta
* Kabonriasupoira
* Kabonkuotapaneru (G’s with logo)
* Autarenzureddoriakonbineshonranpu
* G’s Sheet Cutting
* Black in color
* Red-stitched leather steering wheel, piano black decorating
* Red Piano Black shift knob and decorative
* Piano Black center cluster decorating
* Air Diffuser Air conditioning decorative piano black
* Red Line, G’s glove box with Mark
* Push start switch with G’s logo
* Aluminum pedals
* G’s RECARO seats (D, P seats)
* Red seat (seat)
* Black & Red Paipingufuroamatto
* CAN display information display
* Supotsurodaunsasupenshon (-30mm)
* 4Pod caliper front facing, rear caliper opposed 2Pod (ADVICS made)
* Furontosurittorota ?334, Riasurittorota ?310
* Sports brake pads (ADVICS made)
* Reinforced Body
* Underbody aero parts
* Pafomansudanpa (made by Yamaha)
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Source: Toyota Press Release

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