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With its 2m50 of length and 86cm broad, Smera is in the right dimensions to cruise the city, well protected.
The side shoulder brings a strong visual signature. Each surface of the body is at the same time beautifuland functional.

Controlled tilting
The heart of SMERA is a central electronic system. It manages the whole information of the vehicle, starting from the signals provided by an integrated inertial system.

According to the dynamic parameters of the car, the turning curves, the selected driving mode and the road quality, it determines the optimal tilting angle.

It is a servo-motor with D.C. current controlled by the calculator which fulfils this function automatically by moving the cabin and the 4 wheels.
The driver does not have to worry about the balance of the vehicle, without any need of training. SMERA offers an easy and intuitive handling, an amazing driving sensation.

The use of electric motors with a group of batteries is the most earth friendly technology. Of course, there is no pollution, no C02 gas, no smoke, no noise. Each motor weighs less 30Kg and is made up to 98 % of pure metals, aluminium, copper and iron. Its recycling is simple. An electrical car also avoids all the pollution created by a thermal engine car: oils, catalytic exhausts, heavy metals.

Ecological, the electrical solution is also economic. The Lumeneo motors were developed to meet precisely the needs of SMERA and to optimize the weight/power ratio. You just need 7kw for driving 100 kilometers. Each braking action is transformed into energy by the alternator and goes up in the batteries, increasing the autonomy of Smera.

The brushless motors offer the advantage to have no friction parts that makes it possible to have no maintenance and an excellent reliability. Our electric motors are designed for a 200 000 km lifetime. Only one moving piece: the inside rotor on its ball bearings.

The electronic differential
Each electric motor is managed by a specific driving controller, equipped with high power IGBT. The central UC supervises the controllers via the CAN bus. Our electronic differential manages each millisecond the rates and the couples of the engines, so SMERA can easily turn. SMERA is also able to make regenerative bracking.

The Belts
We use high performance belts with automatic centering. It is the best technical solution to have the lightest transmission, with a very good reliability.

Under operation, their light characteristic rustle is the only sound signature of a Smera.

Easy to use
Thanks to its integrated charger and cable, Smera can be reloaded in your garage, your garden, public carparks…in fact in all the domestic plugs (230 V 16A).
It is a new way of life to connect in the evening and to disconnect in the morning, to have every day your maximum autonomy.
You will not have to wait anymore for reaching the oil station, you will not have to wait anymore while filling your tank, no more bad smell on your hands, no more expensive billing.

Of course driving an electrical car means no pollution, no green effect gas, no smoke, and no noise.
The recycling of the batteries is today a perfectly controlled process in specialized centers. Lumeneo will do it for you.

Electricity is also a clever answer: once the batteries bought, the electric energy is economic compare to gasoline.
With a refill of 10 kWh, you can drive an average 150 km in SMERA, that is to say a cost of less than one Euro / 100 Km in Europe.
Furthermore, the SMERA’s battery is reloaded by each braking.

The Lithium batteries are designed to work at least 10 years, even of daily use. Check out your local bonus for buying a 100% electric car.

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Source: Lumeneo Press Release

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