2009 Skoda Fabia Rown Longer (3992 mm) and Taller (1498 mm)


Press Release:
It is our great pleasure to introduce you to the second generation of one of the most successful models in the history of our company. The Fabia is ready to offer you even more positive emotions and pleasant experiences than its predecessor.
The new generation of Fabias is again one of the foremost representatives of the small car segment. It offers plenty of room not just to the driver and front seat passenger, but also passengers in the rear. Once again, the car can also boast of a very generous luggage area.
The Fabia has grown longer (3992 mm) and taller (1498 mm), and again is one of the largest in the supermini car segment. The dynamic and confident front section of the car clearly testifies to the fact that it is part of the Škoda family and a particularly close relative of the Roomster, a model with which it shares most parts – from the original headlights all the way down to the mudguards.
The car’s dynamic side contours are also entirely new, including windows with tinted A and B-columns and a tail with shaped rear lights that reach all the way around to the sides of the car.
It has also been possible to decrease the aerodynamic resistance factor cx to an excellent level of 0.33; in addition to reducing outside noise, this means that fuel consumption is also lower. Using sensors located in the rear bumper, the Fabia can now also help you out with backing up (optional accessory).
Compared with the first generation Fabia, the interior has changed completely. The control panel with a better thought-out design and ergonomic control features provide the driver with far more comfort. Two versions in three colour combinations are available.
Rear-seat passengers have gained more space – lengthwise for the legs and, thanks to the car’s increased height, above the passengers’ heads as well. The amount of storage space is also pleasing. The luggage area has risen to 300 litres, and if you fold down the rear seats the Fabia will provide you with as much as 1,163 litres of space.
New upholstery material and seat covers contribute to making the interior cosier and more comfortable. Eight options for the interior are available – you can be confident that not being able to choose really is not something to worry about!
Comfort and utility
In terms of comfort, the Fabia certainly does not suffer from being overly modest. On the contrary, the car may just end up ‘spoiling’ you.
Although it is a supermini, it can offer more room and riding comfort than the majority of its competitors, many of which are in a larger size class. The Škoda Fabia is very comfortable and practical compact car at the same time. Links
How much your Fabia will finally wind up coddling you will depend on the accessory level you decide on as well as which ‘treats’ you will pick out from the wide range of options. Your Fabia could be equiped for example with the electric sunroof, navigation system, adjustable armrest between the front seats or a lot of practical storage compartments and pockets…
In any case, the Fabia will offer you space for personal growth and the opportunity for you to perfectly express your individuality, lifestyle and needs. It is simply up to you. Try our new model and see for yourself – it will be love at first ride!
Safety for you and those around you
It does not matter if your car is a source of fun and pleasure or if it is more like a ‘second pair of feet’ that helps in your daily commute from point A to point B.
During every ride, the Fabia offers a superior level of safety to all passengers and also cares about pedestrian safety.
The Fabia’s excellent handling and unequivocal reaction to the driver’s commands are among the basic prerequisites for a safe ride. It helps drivers avoid dangerous situations or resolve them safely.
The time-tested construction of the chassis, optimally tuned suspension and electro-hydraulic power steering ensure that the car is easy to handle in all types of situations. In all Fabias, the ABS system with Dual-Rate power brakes and MSR engine brake torque regulator provide for safe halting and good handling. You can also opt to have ASR traction control or the ESP stabilization system. And in case air suddenly or gradually starts to escape from the tyres, the TPM system will quickly let you know.
Deformation zones in the chassis have been optimally designed and are fortified with robust side reinforcements. Driver and front passenger airbags as well as side airbags are standard accessories, as are ISOFIX mounting points for fitting child seats into the rear seats.
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Source: Skoda Press Release

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