Press Release:
The Land Rover LR2 HSE features 19-inch alloy wheels, a 320-watt Alpine AM/FM audio system with six-disc in-dash CD changer with an auxiliary input for an iPod, seven airbags (SRS), power tilt-and-slide panoramic dual-panel panoramic sunroof, and Land Rover’s patented Terrain Response System – Standard. It is this level of premium standard features that allows LR2 to provide tremendous value in the premium compact SUV class, while demonstrating the refined on-road performance and off-road aptitudes the Land Rover brand is known for.
The LR2 HSE brings numerous enhancements to the new model year:
All new 19-inch aluminum alloy wheels with a Sparkle Silver finish are now standard. Providing an alternative choice, 19-inch Shadow Chrome finished aluminum alloy wheels are an available low cost option.
There are new interior features including, Almond leather seating surfaces with Nutmeg carpeting replace last year’s Alpaca trim. Two new instrument panel trim choices are Dark Laurel (woodgrain appearance) and Satin Silver (metal-look appearance) replacing previous Eucalyptus and Pixel finishes. Satin Silver is offered only with Ebony Black leather trim. A handy 12-VDC power socket has been incorporated in the rear load space area. Front interior map lights have been added to the optional Lighting Package.
On the exterior, the lenses covering the side turn-signal repeater lamps are now clear instead of amber colored. A darker matte-gray finish surrounds the lighting elements in the tail lamps. Also, two new optional exterior paint colors are offered, Martinique Blue and Lago Grey.
A new-for-2009 HST exterior styling package provides several distinguishing exterior features. A more aggressive mesh grille design, painted front and rear bumper and side sill enhancements and dual HST exhaust tips. The HST Package, is offered with Rimini Red, Santorini Black, Stornoway Grey, Zermatt Silver, or new for 2009 Martinque Blue exterior paint.
Ultra-high-strength steel is used extensively in the LR2′s monocoque body construction creating an extra-stiff body structure. This stiff body structure provides great handling, both on-and off-road by reducing flex.
The LR2 has a fully integrated front structure to properly support cooling system, hood latch, and bumper components, in addition to the use of special steel for the A pillars, lower sills, front side members, door beams, cantrails, and dash reinforcements. To provide extra noise isolation, the LR2 uses a double-layer bulkhead as the engine bay’s rear wall and a solid mounting location for brake and windshield-wiper components. Crumple zones are engineered into both ends of the LR2 providing superior collision performance. As an extra point of safety and to minimize the likelihood of pedestrian injury, the inner and outer hood panels are spaced apart by 2.8-3.5 inches.
Double-sided zinc-coated steel exterior panels serve as the substrate for the most sophisticated anti-corrosion and paint treatment ever used on any Land Rover. Molded thermoplastic cladding is used to protect sill and lower areas of the vehicle from dents and scuff marks. To protect the radiator and AC condenser, a stout thermoplastic undertray deflects rocks and brush from damaging the components. Under the engine, there’s an even more substantial steel guard plate. The bumpers are made of high-pressure injection-molded mineral-reinforced polypropylene that provides temperature stability with excellent scratch and impact resistance.
The LR2 has a 3.2-liter, 230-hp engine, which provides enough power to go from 0 to 60 mph in 8.4 seconds. Smooth power delivery and quick response gives the LR2 a comfortable feel. An inline-six-cylinder layout was selected to take advantage of that configuration’s inherent smoothness. The design of the LR2′s new engine is so compact that a transverse mounting arrangement was possible, yielding improved cabin space and collision performance while providing estimated 15 mpg city, 22 mpg highway in EPA tests.
The cast aluminum block, below-the-block bedplate, 24-valve cylinder head, and cylinder-head cover have all been structurally optimized to provide the desired strength and stiffness with minimal weight.
A special Rear End Ancillary Drive (READ) arrangement was engineered to trim the overall length of the LR2′s engine to only 23.6-in (600mm). A gear attached to the output end of the crankshaft spins an idler shaft, one end of which powers the coolant pump, AC compressor, and alternator.
The opposite end of the idler shaft drives the dual overhead camshafts through an inverted-tooth chain. This arrangement permits ancillary equipment to be positioned over the transaxle, yielding a more compact powertrain package.
A Cam Profile Switching (CPS) system opens the intake valves on one schedule at low speeds and on a different schedule during high load and rpm conditions. Switching between the dual lobes optimizes fuel consumption, emissions performance, and the power produced.
A Variable Valve Timing (VVT) system connected to the exhaust camshaft regulates the amount of overlap (period with both intake and exhaust valves open), to aid general drivability, idle smoothness, and power and torque output. VVT also minimizes exhaust emissions.
A fourth special feature is a Variable Intake System which adjusts both plenum volume and intake tract length to enhance engine output across the full rpm range. The net result is a peak torque of 234 lb-ft at 3200 rpm and at least 189 lb-ft of torque from 1400 to 6400 rpm.
The Aisin Warner AWF21 six-speed automatic transmission is paired with the LR2′s six-cylinder engine. A 6:1 ratio spread (from first to sixth gears) provides excellent acceleration, strong passing performance, and quiet highway cruising with respectable highway mileage. A fully integrated Transmission Control Module offers several maps to optimize shift quality for a multitude of driving modes. In the sport mode, lower gears are held longer and downshifts come quicker. In the CommandShift mode, manual sequential gear changes are available. When various Terrain Response™ programs are selected, the transmission alters its shift characteristics and torque-converter lock-up operation to suit driving conditions. A remote breather attached to the transmission facilitates fording water up to 19.7-inches deep.
The LR2′s combination of ample power, sound underpinnings, and all-wheel drive allows it to tow brake-equipped trailers weighing up to 3500 pounds. For trailers lacking brakes, the tow limit is 1650 pounds.
The LR2 has an intelligent permanently engaged all-wheel drive system capable of dynamically adjusting torque delivery to suit a wide variety of situations. On a straight paved road, the system routes most of the powertrain’s output to the front wheels. In tough off-road conditions, almost all of the torque can be distributed to the rear wheels, if required. This arrangement is the best of both worlds: minimized frictional losses for optimal fuel efficiency in normal driving plus maximum grip for slippery or trying off-road circumstances.
The key element in this system is an electronically controlled center coupling developed cooperatively by Land Rover and Haldex. Linking this device electronically to other vehicle systems enables functions not available with purely mechanical systems. Additional power can be directed towards the rear wheels before the vehicle moves by means of a hydraulic accumulator to minimize wheel spin during aggressive starts. If a loss of traction is detected by wheel-speed sensors, the coupling is able to provide additional torque to the rear wheels within 150 milliseconds or within 15 degrees of slipping-wheel rotation. The coupling’s ability to rapidly disengage torque delivery forestalls any compromise of the stability control system’s operation.
Two long-travel strut-type suspension units with coil springs and anti-roll bars are mounted to an isolated subframe at each end of the LR2 to deliver agile, predictable, and refined on-road handling with class-leading off-road mobility. The power rack-and-pinion steering gear is rigidly attached to the front sub-frame to optimize feedback from the road and to quicken steering response. All-terrain radial tires mounted to aluminum wheels also aid the LR2′s breadth of capability.
The LR2′s 8.3-inch ground clearance provides excellent approach and departure angles, and ability to wade through nearly 20 inches of water.
Large ventilated disc brakes provide ample stopping power. The 12.5-inch diameter front rotors and 12.0-inch rear rotors are configured to pump cooling air from their centers outward. An advanced electronic modulator is programmed with several control functions:
• ABS to avoid locking a wheel during emergency braking
• Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) to balance front and rear braking effort even with large changes in cargo and passenger loading
• Emergency Brake Assist (EBA) to boost pedal pressure when necessary to shorten stopping distances
• Corner Brake Control (CBC) for improved stability while braking hard in a corner
• Hill Descent Control (HDC) to automatically provide wheel braking on steep down hill grades
• Gradient Release Control (GRC) is a gradual release of brake line pressure when the brakes are released on extremely steep grades to provide a gentle controlled descent.
• Electronic Traction Control (ETC) minimizes wheel slip during acceleration
• Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) helps maintain the path selected by the driver during slippery road conditions
• Roll Stability Control (RSC) uses gyroscopic sensors wired to the electronic modulator to signal the need for incremental outer-wheel braking when body roll angles are excessive for a particular curved path.
Land Rover’s patented Terrain Response™ system optimizes the response of the engine, transmission, center coupling, and chassis systems to maximize mobility in many different conditions. Traction, comfort, and drivability all benefit. The four available settings are General Driving, Grass/Gravel/Snow, Mud and Ruts, and Sand.
Lead exterior designer Earl Beckles blended three key aesthetics—chiseled lines, smooth and simple surfaces, and interlocking elements—to create the LR2′s attractive appearance. A family resemblance to the successful LR3 and Range Rover Sport models was a high priority. The LR2 mixes the strong geometric shapes with flowing car-like softness. Design director Gerry McGovern is proud of the results, ‘The LR2 is simple, uncluttered, premium, and appealing to the eye. Our goal was a design that is sculpted and sophisticated, dynamic yet refined, premium and tough. I’m convinced we’ve hit our marks.’
Martin Buffery, the LR2′s lead interior designer, describes the look of this Land Rover’s cabin as ‘strong but never intimidating’. The elegant and simple structural layout he created is consistent with the distinct vertical and horizontal lines—what designers call an architectural approach—used successfully in the three other Land Rover family members.
A soft-touch finish at the upper part of the instrument panel provides a premium appearance and a pleasant feel. Frequently used controls and switches are within close reach. All controls provide satisfying tactile feedback. Top quality upholstery materials, carpets, and surface finishes are used throughout.
The cabin provides ample room for the driver and four passengers with ‘command view’ seating, which improves the driver’s confidence and feeling of control. Rear seat occupants sit slightly higher so their forward view is unimpaired. Large glass areas and narrow A-pillars give the LR2′s interior a roomy, airy ambience.
Comfortable upright seating provides ample legroom for all passengers with excellent thigh support. Leather trimmed seats with six-way power adjustment for the driver and four-way adjustment for the front passenger are standard. The asymmetrically-split rear seat provides room for three occupants; it folds forward in two steps to create a level load floor and room for 58.9 cubic feet of cargo. With the rear seats in use, the available cargo volume is 26.7 cubic feet. For maximum versatility, the load-floor cover is carpeted on one side and water resistant on the other.
Inside the safety cell provided by the LR2′s high-strength, craftily engineered body structure there are additional layers of occupant protection. LR2 comes complete with frontal airbags for the driver and passenger provide head and chest protection. Two additional airbags built into the front seat backs guard against side-impact injury. Full-length side-curtain airbags reduce the likelihood of head injury or ejection during a roll-over accident. The seventh inflatable restraint is a knee bolster built into the lower dash to protect the driver from leg injury caused by contact with the steering column.
Pre-tensioners built into the front safety belt anchors automatically take up slack during a forward collision. A standard tire-pressure warning system alerts the driver if any tire is under-inflated.
For superb night illumination, two headlamp choices are offered. The standard H7 halogen lamps are integral with impact- and scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses. A special Gore-Tex membrane built into the headlamp housing provides ventilation but not water intrusion to avoid condensation during fording. Front and rear fog lamps are standard.
Optional High Intensity Discharge (HID) projector lamps deliver illumination in the blue-white portion of the visible spectrum. The HID advantage is twice the light of a halogen bulb with half the power consumption. HID headlamps typically last 10 times longer than conventional lamps. Power washers and an automatic leveling system are included with these headlamps.
A second LR2 illumination option is an Adaptive Front Lighting (AFS) system which automatically swivels both headlamps to the left and right when the driver steers the vehicle into a bend, enhancing illumination in curves.
The LR2′s jewel-like taillamps combine tail lights, brake lamps, turn signals, and back-up lamps in one attractive assembly. The high-gloss polymethyl methacrylate lenses fitted to these lamps are highly scratch resistant.
True to Land Rover heritage, the LR2 is equipped with a long list of standard equipment. The dual-zone automatic climate-control system has a humidity sensor and a pollen filter for improved comfort. The dual-panel sunroof opens wide to provide a panoramic sky view. A single touch of the control switches will open or close the side windows and the sunroof.
The engine starts at the touch of a button, headlights and wipers are automatically activated. Front and rear fog lights and power headlight washers improve safety in inclement weather. A Park Distance Control system is helpful during backing for avoiding contact with objects in the driver’s blind area. Four cupholders, four large bottle holders, and center arm rests for both front and rear passengers are provided.
The standard LR2 Alpine AM/FM/CD stereo system includes an 8-channel 320-watt amplifier playing through eight speakers and one subwoofer plus a 6-disc CD changer. Automatic volume control raises the sound system’s output as road speed increases. An audio input socket located on the center console plays MP3, iPod, and other material through the sound system.
An available LR2 upgrade is a spectacular Dolby Pro Logic II 7.1 Surround Sound system consisting of a 12-channel, 440-watt amplifier and 14 speakers (including a sub-woofer).
LR2 optional equipment is grouped in four convenient packages:
The new HST Package, described earlier, contains several grille and body kit enhancements to distinguish exterior appearance from the LR2 HSE.
The Technology Package consists of a DVD-based navigation system, the 440-watt Surround Sound system, SIRIUS satellite radio, rear-seat audio controls, and a Personal Telephone Integration System with Bluetooth connectivity.
The Lighting Package combines the Bi-Xenon™ headlamps and Adapative Front Lighting system, with approach and puddle lamps, map-reading lamps, and memory settings for the driver’s seat and rear-view mirrors.
The Cold Climate Package includes a heated windshield, heated windshield-washer jets, and heated front seats.
A stand-alone Personal Telephone Integration System with SIRIUS Satellite radio package is also available.
Santorini Black exterior paint is a stand-alone option; and Martinique Blue and Lago Grey are new optional paint colors.
Price this car:
MSRP: $35,375-35,375
Invoice: $32,433
Source: Land Rover Press Release

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