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QUICC! DiVa is the first 100% electrically powered car, completely made of synthetic materials, including the chassis production of the first series will be initiated in Osnabrück starting in June 2009.

Collaboration Karmann / DuraCar
The new partnership with DuraCar will step up Wilhelm Karmann GmbH’s activities on the market of electrically powered cars. Automobile manufacturer DuraCar, based in Heerlen, the Netherlands, has specialised in the development and production of environmentally friendly transportation solutions for urban traffic. The first car to be marketed by DuraCar is the QUICC! DiVa (DiVa = distribution van), specifically designed for urban distribution. The well-established German automobile manufacturer Karmann in Osnabrück will manufacture this lightweight distribution van. Firstly and mainly the new partners are aiming at collaboration in the field of production, but it is not considered impossible that both parties will be collaborating in other fields as well. With this partnership Karmann ensures a further advantage in knowledge in the field of production of innovative mobility concepts designed for intensively urbanised areas. Following the EcoCraft partnership, the DuraCar collaboration will be the second project emphasising electric vehicles. Both projects reflect Karmann’s strategy of an active focus on the segment of lightweight electrically powered distribution vans, creating competitive advantage. Collaboration with Karmann on the German market marks DuraCar’s first step towards European expansion. With Karmann as its partner, DuraCar will benefit from over a century of experience in automobile manufacturing. Karmann’s level of expertise in this field is very high, as is the quality supplied and the flexibility of its manufacturing skills. DuraCar will be producing the QUICC! on different locations in the proximity of its markets. DuraCar and manufacturers form abroad, inside as well as outside Europe, are currently discussing this issue.

The QUICC! DiVa is a 100% electrically powered, lightweight distribution van equipped with the latestLithium-Ion Iron Phosphate battery technology.
The entire body, including the chassis, is made of synthetic materials and will be 100% recyclable in the future. An analysis of the average driving cycles shows that the cost of energy consumption per 100 kilometres will be no more than 2 Euros. The range of action per charge is 150 km at a top speed of 120 kilometres per hour. With this car DuraCar is centring on the increasing demand for environmentally friendly and zero emissions solutions (no PM10s, no nitrogen, no CO2). DuraCar’s QUICC! also provides for the demand for a more compact, highly manoeuvrable distribution van specifically designed for urban distribution. This demand has been partly motivated by the increase in political steps aiming at the reduction of urban accessibility for cars.

The first prototypes equipped with the latest Lithium-Ion Iron Phosphate batteries have already been manufactured and are now being tested extensively. DuraCar will debut its QUICC! DiVa at the Mondial de L’Automobile in Paris on 2 October 2008. Pre-series production will begin in June 2009.

DuraCar Holding B.V.
DuraCar is a Dutch-based company occupied in the development of modern and sustainable automotive concepts. DuraCar’s largest shareholder is Econcern, whose mission is ‘a sustainable energy supply for everyone’, and who is supporting the development of DuraCar’s innovative concept. DuraCar will introduce its first automotive concept QUICC! in Paris. The QUICC! DiVa is the first type of a series launched by DuraCar, more of which are to follow under the brand name QUICC!
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The Karmann Group, a full service car supplier accounting for some 5,500 jobs worldwide, is a proven reliable partner within the international automotive industry. As a car developer and roof systems specialist, Karmann represents over a century of experience and history, making cabriolets for the large brands and building its professional reputation. Karmann consists of four divisions: Roof Systems, Technical Development, Car Production and Materials Production. Karmann stands out for its experience in carmanufacturing, covering the whole chain from the development of production systems to serial production. For more information see:

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