Press Release:
With an updated design, cutting edge equipment and a new engine option, these latest developments on the 807 will confirm its position as a versatile luxury vehicle.
Since its launch in April 2002, the 807 has sold over 150,000 vehicles, largely due its many design strengths which set it apart from its competitors in the large MPV sector, such as:
• twin electric sliding rear side doors, granting even greater access, and which seem to have a magical attraction to young children;
• an interior modularity that enables all sorts of configurations and can accommodate seven individual seats (or 8 seats when fitted with a rear bench seat), plenty of storage for luggage, an expertly styled and user-friendly fascia panel, significant load carrying capability,
and a carefully-designed passenger compartment, perfect for an active lifestyle;
• dynamic and engaging driving experience with excellent road holding and guaranteed on board comfort;
• High-level safety features, through its strong and protective structure, its restraint devices (It was awarded five stars in the EuroNCAP adult vehicle occupant test) and through the extra safety of the Peugeot Emergency Service linked to the RT4 Multi-media system;
• A wide range of modern engines, with the very latest engine technology;
• an elegant, feline and dynamic style, immediately identifiable as a model of the Peugeot marque, a design which, for European 807 buyers remains one of the two main reasons behind their decision to purchase.
It provides all the necessary features to attract this type of vehicle’s natural customers through its design and also through the on board experience it provides. The 807 now, however, sees the introduction of new external styling, new high quality interior features, improved equipment levels and a new high performance HDi power train (2.2-litre HDi DPFS 125kW ? 170 bhp) combined with a manual six-speed gearbox or, shortly after launch with a new automatic six-speed gearbox.
With all these new additions, the 807 will strengthen its position as a versatile, luxurious and dynamic MPV, capable of meeting the needs of ever more demanding customers, whatever their lifestyles.
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Source: Peugeot Press Release

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