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Lotus Cars releases its latest limited edition this month – the exciting Club Racer a visually distinctive version of the Exige S. The Club Racer represents a real value proposition, benefiting from standard upgrades as well as featuring a number of unique additions, for a recommended retail price of 39,950. The prominent use of the track logo on the Club Racer pays homage to its racing heritage and passion so fundamental to the Lotus marque. The Cub Racer features a sky-blue and black paint scheme reminiscent of the 1960s racing era with which the Lotus name is synonymous.

25 limited edition Club Racers will be available from Lotus dealers nationwide with the following vehicle specification:

* Exige S
* Sport Pack
* Touring Pack
* Super Touring Pack
* Sports Exhaust (post-registration fitment)
* Air Conditioning

Additional Components:

* Hethel track decals
* Special Edition Paint Sky-blue (non-metallic) with Phantom Black Tri-Stripe Design
* Unique Interior Trim – Black leather and carbon fibre effect leather with colour coded stitching

Lotus Exige S

The Lotus Exige S is based purely around phenomenal performance and handling, Using a development of the supercharger and intercooler package developed first for the already legendary Lotus Sport Exige 240R, the Exige S has peak power of 162.5 kW (221 PS, 218 hp) at 7800 rpm, 215 Nm (158.6 lb ft) of torque at 5500 rpm (but 80% is produced at just over 2000 rpm). Maximum engine speed is 8000 rpm (8500 rpm transient for up to 2 seconds). 162.5 kW (218 hp, 220 PS) is the figure that has been achieved by Lotus Engineers whilst retaining full vehicle type approval for the markets in which it is sold.

The Lotus Exige S is one of the quickest cars on normal roads and also around a circuit. Key to this incredible performance is the aerodynamic package, which creates 41.2 kg (90.64 lbs) of downforce – 19.3 kg (42.46 lbs) at the front and 21.9 kg (48.18 lbs) at the rear – at 160 km/h (100 mph). This downforce ratio between front (47%) and rear (53%) is balanced and remains constant at the speeds of which the Exige S is capable.

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Source: Lotus Press Release

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