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In a world premire FAW-Volkswagen is presenting its new VW flagship: The Magotan. Specially adapted to the Chinese market is a successful model sold worldwide under the name Passat. Technically speaking, the new Magotan is a high-end German product. Safety, driving dynamics, engines, quality and ergonomics reflect a standard that is among the best in the world.While the model was being designed in Germany thought was already being given to having this sedan satisfy all of the requirements of the Chinese market, both in its design and features, and in particular the tastes of contemporary Chinese society. The luxurious, sporty and progressive Magotan is to be offered in China beginning in 2007. The new model is an important part of FAW-Volkswagen’s strategy to align the company toward a successful future in China. With the debut of the Magotan, FAW-Volkswagen also becomes the only producer on the market whose line-up includes high-quality, premium sedans ranging from the A-class to the C-class. And that, so much is certain, will further reinforce the company’s leading position in the Chinese automotive market.Magotan in detail.The new Magotan is the twin of the successful Passat that is known on all continents. The rational qualities of that model series were thoroughly perfected in the new Magotan. At the same time, however, the development crew breathed new passion and pulsing vitality into this Volkswagen with an uncompromising combination of form, function, design and ergonomics.Design.A powerful and avant-garde design characterizes the new Magotan. The front end with its chrome insignia front grille and challenging gazing headlamps, its athletic silhouette and powerful rear end graphic design all signify a very self-assured car. What the Magotan’s design expresses in its outward appearance also applies to its interior: Confidence and perfection in details. Definitely an index of excellent quality: Its static torsional stiffness, which is 57 (!) percent above that of the Volkswagen Group China’s already very good Passat and posts the best value in its class.Interior.A look into the Magotan interior reveals a clear, fresh, design full of style with a remarkable lightness, high-end materials and technology oriented toward the person and not what is theoretically feasible. The goal here was to achieve a perfect ergonomic design and controls. Gigantic: The 565 liter trunk. An automatic dual-zone climate control system available as a special equipment option offers, as in the Volkswagen luxury sedan Phaeton, draft-free ventilation performance of at the push of a button.Chassis.The new Magotan’s four-link trapezoidal rear suspension that is acoustically decoupled from the body by subframes as well as the McPherson front axle designed with aluminum components of guarantee agility, comfort and safety on the highest level.Braking system.The Magotan is the first sedan of its class in China to have an electro-mechanical parking brake as standard equipment. It is operated by button press. Based on electronic control and networking with other control modules, it was possible to integrate into the system a dynamic emergency braking function, startup assistance (e.g. on a mountain) and an auto-hold function (stop at a traffic light without continuous brake pedal actuation).Engine starting and locking system.The engine starting and locking system with RF remote control was completely redeveloped. There is no longer a conventional ignition key. Rather the driver inserts the transmitter for unlocking and locking of the central locking system nearly completely into a receptacle to the right of the steering wheel, and the engine can now be started by pressing on the transmitter. If the Magotan is equipped with a Keyless Entry Start-and-Exit System (KESSY) the engine is started by a permanently installed pushbutton. How it works: When the newly designed door handles are actuated the system detects access authorization from a transmitter in the driver’s jacket, pants or handbag, this unlocks the Magotan, disarms the immobilizer along with the optional anti-theft warning system, and enables starting of the car. The car is locked by a pushbutton in the door handles. Naturally, unlocking and locking can also be operated by remote control.

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