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‘The ‘Contemporary Classic’ equipment for the Maserati GranSport gives this coupè a more exclusive look with echoes of a sporty past, a much loved past which has been forgotten with the technological evolution of design.
This equipment remains faithful to the design trends of a classic brand whilst being born into an automotive world in which products are always developed as the results of performances and of mechanical evolution.
The ‘Contemporary Classic’ softly highlights what technology has to offer the customer, showing that the quality of the product is improved by the details, which help to make it more distinctive.
In this case, the interior equipment doesn’t upset the mood inspired by the body, but simply stresses it further and makes it more fashionable, without being excessive’.
Giorgetto Giugiaro
As a tribute to the enormous success enjoyed by the GranSport, the maximum expression of the coupé concept designed by Giugiaro, Maserati unveils at the Paris Motorshow the new ‘Contemporary Classic’ equipment.
The name ‘Contemporary Classic’ is inspired by the car’s style, an icon for Italian design which has become an instant classic. It combines excellent dynamic handling with top level comfort.
The equipment provides for 19”, ball-polished wheel rims.
With the ‘Contemporary Classic’ equipment, the car’s pure elegance is underlined by a full leather interior with stylish piping around the seats and dashboard (suggested in the same colour as the bodywork), and is combined with other chic touches, such as light blue instruments with a vintage look and a full leather steering wheel.
Four selections of exterior and interior colours are suggested for the GranSport Contemporary Classic.
Exterior Leather Piping
White Leather (Natural Hide) White
Black Leather (Natural Hide) Black
Green Leather (Natural Hide) Green (Novelty)
Red Black Red
The Contemporary Classic equipment will be available from Maserati dealers from October 2006.
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Source: Maserati Press Release

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