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Classic bloodline. Classical countenance. Best-in-class amenities.
The X-TYPE represents a litany of firsts for Jaguar—first to feature all-wheel drive, first entry into the mid-sized luxury sports car category, and most important, first on the ‘most fun to drive’ list of countless automotive fans. Which are all great reasons to be among the first to drive one this year.
Taking a bow for an impressive performance.
There are quite a few impressive things about the X-TYPE´s performance, including the innovative aluminum suspension that provides improved handling, or the all-wheel drive system, a Jaguar first that provides smooth traction in any road condition. But the sum total of all the impressive technology is perhaps most important: the X-TYPE is a joy to drive.
3.0-liter V6
Every X-TYPE utilizes a technologically proficient 3.0-liter V6, generating 227 horsepower at 6,800 rpm and 206 lb.-ft. of torque at 3,000 rpm, resulting in exceptionally quick acceleration off the line.
Variable Valve Timing
The timing of the intake valve is designed to vary continuously, helping to deliver power across the entire rpm range in every gear.
All-wheel Drive That Feels Like Rear-wheel Drive
Under normal conditions, the engine´s power is split 40/60 to the front/rear, resulting in a rear-wheel drive-like feel. Traction 4™ automatically helps compensate for any difference in speed between the front and rear wheels; for instance, if a front wheel starts to slip, as happens under conditions like hard acceleration on a patch of ice or gravel, the engine´s power is automatically and seamlessly transferred to the rear axle and wheels to help regain traction.
Aluminum Suspension
An aluminum suspension improves overall handling agility by reducing unsprung weight—the total weight of components not supported by the suspension´s springs, including control arms, brake components, wheels and tires—along with increased strength to help with maneuvers through hard turns.
Sport-tuned Suspension
The X-TYPE Sport comes with a suspension system tuned with firmer, more aggressive settings. Combined with the available Dynamic Stability Control, the improved system provides quick response and exceptional handling throughout all types of driving maneuvers.
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