Press Release:

We have revolutionized the industry with our new amphibious vehicle, the Hydra-Terra.

A 100% brand new design that is impossible to sink. Yes, 100% guaranteed unsinkable.

Our vessel is capable of operating in high winds, rains, and floods. We can drive into an area of heavy flooding and simply boat through it. This optimizes the options available to search and rescue operations. You are no longer limited to ‘land only’ or ‘water only’ rescue apparatus.

The yellow Hydra-Terra was built for Wonder Bus Tours of Dubai, U.A.E.

The red Hydra-Terra was built for the Prince of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah Saud


These vehicles feature high performance all wheel drive, turbo diesel engine, automatic transmission, heavy duty suspension system, 49 passengers or 8,000 lbs. of cargo capacity, 75 mph on road speed and 7 knots in the water.

This is the only amphibian ever made that could be driven high speed coast to coast if you wanted to.

In water, floor level to the water is only about 15′ this aids in water rescue and ease of loading victims and rescue personnel from the water. Supplies loading and unloading is easy with a 48′ wide door which is standard on the search and rescue versions 1 on each side. Large open deck area provides plenty of room for generators, rescue gear, litters, search gear, fire fighting equipment, etc.

These vessels are completely U.S.Coast Guard approved and meet all regulations for passenger vessels. Meet department of transportation requirements and in fact even come equipped with driver and passenger side air bags. Every effort has been made to make these vehicles the strongest and safest possible.

European / Australian / Philippines standard of 2.5 meters (98.5′) is also available.

Heavier hull materials are available for heavy duty applications as required.

Various hull lengths are available to suit your needs.

Commercial, heavy use vessels will have a 3/16′ diamond plate floor.

Winches, Search lights, Rescue gear, Electronics, G.P.S., Radar, etc are all available.

Price this car:
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Source: CAMI Press Release

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