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Can someone imagine a vehicle that at 110 mph is twice as efficient as a high-tech diesel compact car? Or another that achieves 280 mph with just 50% throttle? What if one could have both with the same vehicle? Well, it is possible. With the Acabion!

Horse-drawn carriages could be named “the first generation of individual vehicles“ and cars as “the second generation“. According to this context the Acabion paves the way for a third generation of individual human mobility.

A new way of thinking is expressed by the Acabion. It combines the best of different traditional approaches. Additionally it integrates certain sophisticated aeronautic and bionic concepts. This way it excels in both at the same time. The Acabion achieves more than the efficiency of a high-tech diesel compact car and the dynamics of even the most power­ful super­cars.

With the Acabion, automotive values are newly defined. The new standard means slim instead of wide. It means light instead of heavy. It means truly bionic and streamlined instead of bulky. Most of all it means to be fundamentally innovative throughout the entire concept, instead of following isolated trends just in isolated aspects.

So how does the Acabion solve traditional contradictions? It is light AND secure. It is slim AND comfortable. It is useful AND beautiful. It is tremendously effective AND extremely fast. A total weight of 359 kg combined with an engine power of 360 hp enables the Acabion to exceed 1000 hp per ton of vehicle-weight. It achieves an electronically limited 280 mph with just 50% of its engine power, accelerating from 180 mph to 280 mph in approximately 10 seconds, which is impossible even for Formula 1 cars. Even with such a performance it consumes 5 to 10 times less fuel than a state of the art two-seater supercar. More than this, cruising at a constant speed, e.g. 120 mph, it is so efficient that it even consumes half the amount of fuel than a 2006 high-tech diesel compact-car. Tailor-made versions of the Acabion can be provided anything up to 700 hp, and a range of internal fittings. All those types are even more dynamic but not less efficient.

The Acabion is a vehicle with a passenger-compartment for two adults. Its security is based on the concept of Formula 1 race-cars. On top of that the passengers are additionally protected with inno­vative passenger-shells.

Each Acabion is a masterpiece of German car design and manufacturing competence, based on most reliable Japanese as well as US-American components, combined with Swiss quality and precision. All Acabions will be equiped with an additional electric drive for zero-emission operation on short distances like on private terrain, in car park areas or central urban regions. A computer network is on board for the passengers, providing a high-tech modular structure and storage capacity in a multi-terrabyte region. All Acabions are conceptually prepared, even for a future, fully-automated, individual traffic-guidance-system.

The Acabion is the mobile trendsetter of the 21st century. This trend means: the environment and the global natural resources are much better protected for our children and for their children, too. Plus, for all generations to come, everyone can be mobile in an almost unlimited way. The Acabion com­bines this environment-protecting, comfortable and extended mobility with a never known sensation of both dynamics and efficiency.

Further Details

We will start production in April 2006. And we will deliver to the USA too. No better country for cruising around in an Acabion. This is not depending on speed.

Production time per unit is about 2 years: One man builds one Acabion. The producer is an airplane builder. The Acabion is the Gerald Genta of future road traffic.

We have hundreds of unique and very special features to offer in the unique Acabion. Just a very few samples:

A) You decide the precise shape of your Acabion: Length, width, and height will be adjusted to your feeling of perfect proportions and dynamics. The Acabion shown in Geneva ist the smallest possible version in terms of width and height. It has 1/3 projected area of a small car.
B) The Acabion is to come with a computer cockpit, a fast ethernet computer-network with 3 terrabyte capacity plus fast WLAN and internet access (UMTS in Europe).
C) The Acabion provides an ultimately precise and brilliant Syrincs Oxygen Soundsystem 2 times Dolby 5.1 digital for driver and copilot separately, a sound system developed exclusively for Acabion. There is one huge acoustical advantage of the Acabions cockpit towards any car: It is symmetric. And we make a full use out of this advantage. The GTBO 36 System represents a value of about 100.000 Euro.
D) Engine with US dragster components. 300 modifications to serial Hayabusa.
E) All parts of body and interiour from Carbon / Kevlar and handmade, in accordance to high airplane quality standards.
F) Seats in accordance to the Acabion patent: Protection for the complete passengers’ body is like inside a helmet.
G) Fail-safe structure with ultralight steelframe and carbon monocoque.
H) Perfect maintainability: The body is completely disassemblable. 350 torx screws take the static and dynamic forces. The engine is acousticaly isolated from the cockpit. It has a seperate steelframe and can be disassembled for inspection by removing just three (massive) bolts.
I) The Acabion can drive as a cabriolet: Pilots hood can be fixed between winglets.
J) Electric drive for backward movement, also capable of moving the Acabion foreward at 30 mph and for about 10 miles distance. (Strategy in behind: Avoiding engine coldstarts).

This list could be continued for hours.

An Acabion will always be absolute individually and tailormade for customer-needs. Quality is handmande swiss precision, throughout the complete vehicle on a level as the most sophisticated swiss mechanical watches. Price GTBO 36 starts at 540.000 Euro. A complete individual toolset (carbon forms interiour and exteriour …) for any later parts supply is included.

For later years from 2012 onwards we plan a second brand with a different name and concept. Aluminium-body standardized streamliners will then be produced like todays cars. Power around 150 hp. Prices around 60.000 Euro then. Anyhow the Acabion will for all times stay the ”Genta” of future road traffic. It will stay extremely rare and extremely capable. Production volume will never exceed just a handful of Acabion in a year.

Price this car:
MSRP: € 540,000
Invoice: not available yet
Source: Acabion Press Release

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