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Mattig starts with an extensive body-kit. At the front, a new spoiler-bumper – available for models with or without headlights washer – grade up the TT.

The spoiler is dominated by a single-frame grill, which is typically mounted on serial A6 limousines, but not available from Audi for the TT. The frame customers have to buy seperately. The Mattig grill itself consists oftwo pieces. To complete the front modifications, Mattig puts covers on the headlights, which fit perfectly and replenish the TT?s front, too.

At the rear, Mattig modifies the look of the TT using a more sporty rear bumper. With mounting backlightcovers, Mattig puts the finishing touches to the cars? back.

The most spectacular modification is the conversion of the regular TT-doors into wing doors. Mattig provides a LSD-kit, which helps the Audi getting Lamborghini-style wing doors. A sports silencer made of stainless steel mounted beneath the Audi lets the car appear much stronger due to its remarkable sound. Also the rear view benefits from the silencers? two tailpipes protruding on the left and right side.

Regarding suspension and wheels, customers are also well served by Mattig. For the TT Mattig offers KW coilover suspensions in variants 1, 2 and 3. They bring the Audi 20 to 50 mm closer to the ground.

As cheaper alternative, Mattig additionally offers a set of springs lowering the car by 30 mm at front and rear. Shiny “Oxigin Eins fullchrome” rims in 8×19” ET 35 come with Kumho tires measuring 225/35/19 KU 19. Optionally customers can order Continental Sport Contact 2 tires. All in all Mattig offers 7 different wheel set combinations starting with 8×18” Proline-rims.

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