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Utilizing the dynamic and sporting style of the saloon from which it is derived, the 407 Silhouette takes the performance character of the standard vehicle to its ultimate conclusion – while reflecting faithfully the spirit of the original model.
The architecture of this ‘performance’ two-seater 407 evokes the spirit of the European Supertouring Championships, with a tubular chassis and a mid-mounted, longitudinally positioned power train.
With a length of 182.1 inches and a width of 74.1 inches, the Silhouette is slightly wider than the production car, thanks to the presence of air extraction vents on the front wings and down in the side skirts in front of the rear wings. On top of the roof (h= 53.4 inch), there are two NACA type air intakes that collect the air needed to supply its 6-cylinder engine. With fully adjustable suspension, the ride height can be lowered by approx. 0.16 inches for track use.
The smooth, metallic grey bodywork is manufactured from carbon-fibre. On each side of the car, a lion’s head emblem is painted in darker grey and carefully matches the profile of each rear wing.
At the front, the driving lights of the production car have become air intakes on the Silhouette, while at the at the rear, two dual exhaust pipes and a carbon spoiler affirm the sporting intentions of this very special Peugeot 407.
Inside, the fascia panel, central console and front door panels are based on those of the saloon. However, the Silhouette’s trim further adds to the sporting theme, with the use of materials such as carbon-fibre, black or red leather and vermiculated black paint used on the instrument panel and central console. The two bucket seats incorporate leather and black 3D mesh trim.
The steering wheel incorporates a screen that displays the optimum ‘racing line’ for circuit use. The optimum ‘lines’ are based on extremely accurate, satellite supplied, cartographic data that allows the driver to overlay his own data with that supplied by satellite.
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Source: Peugeot Press Release

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