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The heart, quite literally, of the VX220 Turbo is the transverse two-litre, sixteen valve, turbocharged engine being used to good effect in the new Astra GSi. In the VX220 Turbo however, it is installed just in front of the rear axle. Installation of the turbo engine also required modifications to the exhaust system and incorporation of the turbo heat shield and undertray. The uprated sound insulation used on the Turbo adds that little bit of extra refinement for driver and passenger: enough to ensure the engine doesn’t intrude, not so much as to stifle the sports note from the new exhaust system.Only minor changes have been made to the capable chassis of the VX220, to accommodate the extra power of the turbo engine. The basic principles stay the same: a super rigid lightweight aluminium chassis, double wishbone suspension, high performance brakes with ABS and unique Bridgestone tyres. Changes have been made to the spring and damper rates, which have been increased at the front and rear by 7% and 11% respectively to improve body control and high speed stability. The new tuning provides improved passenger ‘isolation’ and comfort over road impacts.Although the wheels are the same size, with the Turbo a new design of alloy is featured. Further exterior changes are subtle, and restricted to a small black ‘lip’ spoiler at the front, a body-coloured spoiler on the rear which also aids high speed aerodynamics. Most noticeable of all exterior changes are the wider air intakes on the side of the body to aid engine cooling. Discreet ‘Turbo’ lettering appears at the rear and on the inner sill plates, while a full range of new colours is also introduced.The interior décor of the VX220 – spartan, sporting and functional – gets a facelift for Turbo owners. While the new model retains a familiar minimalist feel, some additions give a ‘plusher’ look with greater use of leather and fabrics. Drivers and passengers of the VX220 Turbo will also notice a reduction in the amount of cabin noise with the new model. While the new exhaust system gives the Turbo a pleasantly sporty note, extensive work has been carried out on the Noise Vibration Harshness (NVH) characteristics from inside the car, resulting in a more cosseted ride for occupants. Revised two-tone leather trim has been introduced for the seats, while a new finish on the main dash and leather door inserts is also featured. The main instrument cluster and fuel gauge get a new look and the main dash now features a ‘gearshift up’ light.

Price this car:

MSRP: $ 26,495

Invoice: not available yet

Source: Vauxhall Press Release

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