2003 Suzuki -S 1.6 L DOHC 6 Speed Advanced Navigation System


Press Release:
In launching the Concept-S, Suzuki is staking its claim as a daring and innovative global manufacturer. Since its inception, the company has come up with distinctive and original designs, often achieving a striking success in a number of market sectors. On show here is a demonstration of its creativity and technological expertise. The Concept-S is a pathway to the future, highlighting the company’s philosophy in terms of design and technical development.
The design of the Concept-S Exterior:
Its lines are both dynamic and futuristic. Its impressive shape, with wheels located at the four corners of the body, a unique feature for a car of this size, and in this segment, give a strong impression of stability.
The impressive shape of the bonnet and the height of the waistline of the body give an increased feeling of safety.
The originality of the styling of the Concept-S gives it a strong personality – this powerful presence is also a result of the unique shape of the ‘wraparound window’ with its concealed uprights: the vertical headlights give a suggestion of a new shape that Suzuki intends to give tomorrow’s compact cars.
The very rounded interior of the Concept-S is in keeping with the ‘wraparound window’. The shape of the dashboard takes its inspiration from the wings of a biplane, with aluminum uprights reminiscent of a motorcycle, reflecting the modern, sporty character of this new interior design.
Push-buttons on the steering wheel completely replace standard controls such as the gear lever, handbrake, direction indicators and windscreen wipers. This configuration means that drivers can concentrate solely on driving, keeping their hands on the wheel.
The air conditioning and audio system are completely controlled by a screen in the center of the dashboard, which is easily manageable via data input similar to that of a mobile phone.
Advanced Software
The Concept-S is fitted with an exclusive system called the ‘Advanced Navigation System’. This system, which is also fitted in the GSX-R/4 roadster, gives an enjoyable, sporty drive.
The ‘Advanced Navigation System’ automatically follows a route previously downloaded from the Internet or via e-mail. It also enables communication with other vehicles by exchanging all kinds of data and locates each other’s positions on the monitor. The software also locks, unlocks and starts the car with an intelligent key card. Fingerprint authorization is able to set up the car with your favorite engine and suspension configuration. The software can also be used to download, store and exchange MP3 music files, so that the driver can have a true music library in the car.
The ‘Concept-S’ is fitted with a light and compact 1.6 liter DOHC engine (4 cylinder, 16 valve) made entirely of aluminum. The permanent four-wheel drive, the sequential 6-speed ‘MTA’ gearbox and the powerful engine give a truly sporty driving experience, with the ‘CONCEPT-S’ benefiting from all the technology acquired by Suzuki through its participation in the super 1600 Junior World Rally Championship.
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Source: Suzuki Press Release

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