Press Release :
• Head curtain air bags now standard on all models
• ABS/Traction control now standard on all models, 4-wheel disc brakes now standard on all models except L100
• DVD System (available mid-year in a limited edition)
• OnStar (available mid-year)
• Value packages for L200/LW200 and L300/LW300 models: Sport, Audio I and Audio II, Comfort, Premium
• Automatic headlamps standard on all models
• Post air bag deployment signals (daytime running lamps flash, dome lamp goes on)
• Automatic climate control (part of Comfort Package)
• 6-Disc in-dash changer (part of Audio II Package)
• Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH system)
• 15-inch alloy wheel (optional on L200/LW200), 16-inch chrome clad wheel (available beginning September production)
• New P215/55R16 tire (with 16-inch chrome clad wheel)
Family fun and family safety each take a major step forward in the 2002 Saturn L-Series, with the mid-year introduction of a new limited-edition DVD entertainment system as well as an array of safety enhancements. Safety and security features such as head-curtain air bags, antilock brakes and traction control are now standard across the lineup, and L-Series also adds new safety features such as automatic headlamps, integrated child seat anchors and tethers, post air-bag deployment signals, and the mid-year availability of OnStar.
Other upgrades include automatic climate control and a six-disc CD changer. Both are part of newly created option packages designed to offer customers better value. These improvements, combined with spirited performance and a refined interior, make the L-Series an exceptional value. More than ever, Saturn’s line of midsize cars and wagons offers customers a significant number of premium features, without requiring a premium price.
DVD system
The 2002 L-Series becomes the first in its segment to offer an integrated video entertainment system, which includes a console-mounted DVD system that can play video or audio discs.
Back-seat passengers can view a movie on a fold-down, seven-inch screen mounted with the dome lamp. Wireless headphones allow them to listen to CDs or watch a movie, while the front-seat passengers can simultaneously listen to the car’s regular audio system. Alternatively, the program on the DVD can be played through the car’s audio system.
The DVD system originally will be available on a special series of 1,000 L300 sedans and LW300 wagons that will be produced in early fall. These black special-edition vehicles will feature 16-inch chrome clad wheels, fog lamps, gray leather interiors and premium audio systems. Later in the model year, the DVD system will be available as an option on L200/300 sedans and LW 200/300 wagons with certain other equipment.
Safety standard
The 2002 L-Series continues Saturn’s commitment to safety by making significant safety features standard on all of its models. One such feature is Saturn’s innovative head curtain air bag technology, designed to help reduce the severity of head and neck injuries in side-impact collisions.
The head curtain air bag system is stored along the vehicle’s body side upper roof rail behind the headliner and garnish trim. Based on feedback from electronic sensors located along the sides of the vehicle, the air bag drops from the roof rail as it inflates, providing a cushion to help protect the head and neck region. This system complements Saturn’s standard driver and front passenger air bags.
An anti-lock braking system with full-range traction control, formerly optional, also becomes standard on all L-Series models, helping drivers maintain control in a variety of driving conditions.
Automatic headlamps
Automatic headlamps and integrated child seat anchors and tethers head up the list of new safety and security equipment that is also standard on the 2002 L-Series. In addition, if an incident causes any of the vehicle’s air bags to deploy, the car’s headlamps will continuously flash as a distress signal and the interior dome lamp will automatically come on to aid in exiting the vehicle.
These enhancements build on standard safety features like safety cage construction, dual frontal Reduced Force Air Bags, a safety belt system designed to limit compression loads on the chest, and daytime running lamps.
For the first time, L-Series customers have the option of OnStar, with its safety and security benefits such as automatic air bag deployment notification and emergency assistance with remote location. OnStar’s newest services include hands-free Personal Calling and Virtual Advisor, which enables a customer to access Internet services such as e-mail and updates on stocks, traffic and weather. For more information about OnStar, see the ‘OnStar’ section of the Corporate press kit.
Outstanding value
L-Series models feature dent- and corrosion-resistant polymer front fenders and door panels, as well as polymer bumpers front and rear, to help keep the vehicles looking new for a longer period of time, contributing to strong resale values. Steel rear quarter panels are used to provide additional structure for crashworthiness in the rear of the vehicle.
Excellent fuel economy also contributes to making the L-Series an outstanding value. The L-Series sedan, equipped with its standard twin cam four-cylinder engine, was recognized as the most fuel efficient vehicle with an automatic transmission in its class by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy.
For 2002, new option packaging brings additional value to L-Series customers who want uplevel amenities on their L200/300 and LW200/300 models. For example, the Sport Package provides fog lamps, as well as a spoiler and sunroof on sedan models. The package also includes new 16-inch chrome clad wheels (available in early fall) on the L300 and LW300, and new 15-inch alloy wheels on the L200 and LW200.
Also available are two optional audio packages, one of them including the new six-disc changer. A Comfort package features power seats and the new automatic climate control. A Premium package combines the Comfort, Audio II and Sport packages along with a leather interior.
Driving performance
L-Series customers can still choose between two dual overhead camshaft engines that deliver excellent response. Standard on the L100, L200 and LW200 is a 2.2-liter, four-cylinder engine that delivers 135 hp at 5200 rpm and 142 lb-ft of torque at 4400 rpm. On the L300 and LW300, a 3.0-liter V6 provides 182 hp at 5600 rpm and 190 lb-ft of torque at 3600 rpm.
A five-speed manual transmission is standard on the L200 and LW200, and is available on the L100 in Canada only. A computer-controlled four-speed automatic is optional on the L200 and LW200, and standard on the L100, L300 and LW300. Four-wheel independent suspension with four-link rear suspension contributes to precise handling, with a high level of refinement.
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