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The Automotive Industries Limited (AIL) Desert Raider (6 × 6) reconnaissance, surveillance and fast attack vehicle, design designation M-626/G, is an air-portable, highly mobile surveillance and strike vehicle, capable of operating behind the front lines of a modern battlefield. It has undergone Israel Defence Force (IDF) Special Forces field trials and has been supplied to an unspecified customer.

The Desert Raider features a rear suspension that, it is claimed, combines the stability of a six-wheel vehicle with the mobility of a tracked vehicle. The ‘tandem’ rear suspension units with two wheel stations each side, is combined with coil springs and gas shock-absorbers giving a stroke of 600 mm. Full (6 × 6)drive involves an automatic computer-controlled gearbox, a differential lock and chains and sprockets to the tandem unit. The front suspension uses trapezoid arms with struts and adjustable coil springs giving a stroke of up to 400 mm. It is claimed that the Desert Raider is able to move with just one of its six wheels touching the ground.The tubular space frame-type chassis has the power unit, a Chrysler 2.4-litre, four-cylinder water-cooled petrol engine, located at the rear. The driver is seated centrally towards the front, with seating for two passengers behind. Cargo space towards the rear is capable of carrying up to 1,200 kg or can be employed to accommodate two further passenger seats. Further stowage space is available over the engine covers. Folding roll bars are provided.The Desert Raider can be carried internally by a CH-53 helicopter.Design features include a low noise level and a low thermal signature.Optional equipment includes a front or rear-mounted 4,000 kg winch, anchor points front and rear, a rear pintle hook, a spare wheel carrier, tie-down rings, two additional passenger seats and infra-red lighting.

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