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The Cadillac Escalade Hybrid is the world’s first fuel-saving hybrid applied to a large luxury SÚV. It achieves an EPA-rated 20 miles per gallon in the city, a 50-percent fuel economy improvement over the non-hybrid model. The Escalade Hybrid models are powered by GM’s innovative, fuel-saving 2-Mode hybrid system and offer the same dramatic design, luxury and full-size capability that have made the Escalade an icon.

For 2010, the Escalade lineup also includes the Escalade Platinum Hybrid. It is the most technically advanced large luxury SÚV yet, blending the exclusive features of the Escalade Platinum model with the fuel-saving powertrain of the Escalade Hybrid.

Escalade Hybrid and Escalade Platinum Hybrid are available in 2WD and 4WD configurations. They deliver up to 5,800 pounds (2,631 kg) of usable towing capacity on 2WD models and 5,600 pounds (2,540 kg) on 4WD models. The hybrid models include nearly all of Escalade’s standard comfort and convenience features, including an eight-inch, touch screen navigation system that displays performance readouts of the hybrid system.

In its recently released ‘Best of the Best’ special issue, the Robb Report, which covers luxury consumer goods, gave Best Sport Útility Vehicle honors to the Cadillac Escalade Hybrid.

Escalade Platinum Hybrid

T he Escalade Platinum Hybrid’s efficiency is complemented by an exclusive package of luxury, style and technology, including:

• A distinctive front fascia and grille patterned after Cadillac’s acclaimed CTS sport sedan

• Únique 22-inch wheels

• Magnetic Ride Control technology

• LED headlamps

• Exclusive interior appointments with Aniline leather

• DVD entertainment system with screens integrated in front-seat headrests.

Magnetic Ride Control is the world’s fastest-reacting suspension system and gives the Escalade Platinum Hybrid more precise body motion control. It is a real-time damping system that ‘reads’ the road in 1-millisecond intervals. It replaces conventional mechanical-valve shocks with electronically controlled shocks filled with a synthetic fluid containing minute iron particles. Únder the presence of magnetic charge, the iron particles align to provide damping resistance almost instantly.

The LED headlamps emulate the characteristics of natural daylight much more closely than traditional auto lighting. LEDs are environmentally friendly, with a usable life more than 20 times longer than traditional halogen bulbs.

Inside the Escalade Platinum is the latest example of Cadillac’s 21st-century return to handcrafted luxury details. The instrument panel, center storage console and door trim are wrapped and stitched by hand. They feature decorative French seams that convey an elegantly tailored look and feel. Materials include rich leather on the instrument panel, with unique wood inlays and aluminum trim.

Aniline leather is unique to the Escalade Platinum and is used to trim the first- and second-row seats. Contrasting-color stitching is used on the French seams for a distinctive, luxurious appearance. The seatbacks feature embroidered Cadillac wreath and crest insignias. The leather-covered seats are comfortable and convenient, and the industry-exclusive power fold-and-tumble second-row seat eases access to the third-row seat.

Additional standard interior features include Platinum-specific door sills and floor mats; a heated §teering wheel; heated and cooled cupholders; and a power liftgate that opens and closes with the touch of a button. Also, the DVD entertainment system adds screens integrated into each front-seat headrest, in addition to the existing roof-mounted screen.

Each front-row headrest screen has its own driver and input controls. The headrest units can be operated independently or in tandem. This system enables passengers in different seats to make individual entertainment choices. Also included is the acclaimed Bose 5.1 Digital Surround system, as well as the eight-inch touch screen for DVD-based navigation and control of the DVD, CD, MP3 and XM Satellite Radio entertainment.

GM’s patented two-mode hybrid technology

GM’s patented two-mode hybrid system consists of an advanced, electrically variable transmission (EVT) and 300-volt nickel-metal hydride Energy Storage System (ESS). These systems work in concert with the standard 6.0L V-8 Gen IV gasoline engine with Active Fuel Management (AFM) and late-intake valve closing (LIVC) technology.

The key to Escalade’s two-mode hybrid system is that the hybrid system itself generates the electric power used to propel the vehicle. When the brakes are applied or the vehicle is coasting, the electric motors within the hybrid system create electricity that is stored in the 300-volt battery. This stored energy is used to move the vehicle and the regenerative braking cycle is renewed.

Providing power to the hybrid’s electrically variable transmission’s (EVT) two electric motors is a 300-volt nickel-metal hydride Energy Storage System (ESS). This battery pack is under the second-row seat, where it takes up virtually no additional space and does not interfere with second- or third-row ingress/egress.

Additional features of the hybrid powertrain and supporting systems include:

• Fully blended regenerative braking captures energy that would otherwise be lost during vehicle deceleration.

• A 6.0L V-8 engine with Active Fuel Management and late intake valve closing (Atkinson-cycle combustion process) for reduced pumping losses and better overall fuel economy. It is rated at 332 horsepower (248 kW) and 367 lb.-ft. of torque (498 Nm) and runs on regular unleaded fuel.

• Auto Stop mode. Once the vehicle reaches 0 mph, the gasoline engine automatically shuts down, leaving the engine off and allowing the vehicle to move only under electric power, such as during city driving or heavy stop-and-go traffic.

• An exhaust system and resonator specially tuned for the 6.0L LIVC engine’s Active Fuel Management operation. It ensures comfortable interior acoustics and a pleasant exhaust note during both V-4 and V-8 operation

• An electrically driven, 300-volt air conditioning compressor reduces vibration and allows the HVAC system to cool the passenger compartment even when the gasoline engine is shut off. It includes the standard tri-zone climate control system.

• Electrically driven, 42-volt variable-assist power §teering system reduces vibration and provides up to a 0.5-mpg fuel economy improvement by reducing parasitic losses common in belt-driven hydraulic systems.

• The Energy Storage System cooling system’s internal fan is tuned to be quiet at low vehicle speeds, when occupants could more easily hear it.

The Escalade Platinum Hybrid’s battery pack durability and reliability are maintained via optimized charge and discharge cycles, as well as a dedicated cooling system that draws air from the passenger compartment. As part of the vehicle’s emission control system, the energy storage system is warranted for eight years/100,000 miles.

Price this car:
MSRP: $73,425 – $87,725
Invoice: $68,652 – $82,023
Source: Cadillac Press Release

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