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The friendly looking front mask features a trapezoidal grille and round projector headlamps. It’s a unique design that’s also paired up with the rear-end design.

Rear styling
With the lamps sporting the same image as that of their front-end equivalents, the equally unique rear styling is almost identical to the front. The rear combination lamp is a new 100% indirect lighting type employing a geometric-patterned reflector inside a clear lens.

Metallic trims add a dash of brilliance to the sporty black tone of the interior. The instrument panel parts are joined with only the smallest possible intermediate gaps to produce instrument panel with an integrated feel. The result is a high-quality and sports-minded interior.

Active Top
One of the most attention-grabbing features of the Copen, the Active Top (electrically operated folding roof) folds into the boot, or covers the cabin from the folded position, in approximately 20 seconds. This means you can enjoy the wide-open feel of the open sports car and the comfort of the coupe without having to panic at a sudden change in the weather. Compared with the conventional soft top, the hard top excels in weatherability and is much quieter.

The JB-DET engine, designed exclusively for the Copen, generates sufficient torque from the low rev range. The driver feels the torque increase linearly from startup and the engine responds directly to pressure on the throttle pedal.

(1) Dual flow turbo
Two pipes are used to funnel the exhaust gas into the turbine, improving the boost efficiency in the low rev range, and delivering a powerful and high-torque run from the low to high rev ranges.
(2) Small diameter turbo
Small-diameter impellers are used for the turbine. By optimizing their size, a direct acceleration response is realized.
(3) Abradable seal structure
The compressor housing incorporates a resin material which minimizes the clearance between the compressing wheel and the case to further raise turbo-charging efficiency. Powerful torque from the low rev range drives the car with indefatigable acceleration.

Highly rigid body and sporty suspension
Including the double cross beams in the centre of the body, a total of five braces are employed in addition to the effective use of reinforcements and an increased wall thickness for the centre tunnel. This results in a highly rigid, firm body, while the short wheelbase contributes to the vehicle’s magnificent manoeuvrability and agility. Thanks also to the optimally tuned suspension, the Copen provides a smooth and compliant ride with great stability.

Special tuned suspension
Special tuned front and rear springs and dampers further increase the Copen’s driving performance. The rear dampers, in particular, are of a separate-pressure type with an independent tank. (OPT for EU only)

Light weight body
Aluminium materials are used unsparingly for the main body parts to realize a comfortable ride in a super lightweight body.

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Source: Daihatsu Press Release

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