Press Release:

The Fiat Nuova Croma , Fiat’s Station Wagon, had its debut today. The Fiat Nuova Croma has a choice between five engines: two 1.9 liter engines, a 1.8 liter, a 2.2 liter and a 2.4 liter engine. The Fiat Nuova Croma powered by the 1.9 Multijet 8v engine develops 120 hp at 4000 rpm and 280 Nm of torque at 2000 rpm. The top speed is 195 km/h and accelerates from 0 10 100 km/h in 11.3 seconds.

The Fiat Nuova Croma 1.9 Multijet 16v develops 150 hp at 4000 rpm and 320 Nm at 2000 rpm with top figures: 210 km/h and 0-100 km/h in 9.6. Fiat Nuova Croma equipped with the 2.4 liter Multijet 20v engine and an automatic gearbox develops 200 hp at 4000 rpm and 400 Nm of torque at 2000 rpm. This version of the Fiat Nuova Croma has a top speed of 216 km/h and a 0 to 100 km/h acceleration time of 8.5 seconds.

The 1.8 MPI 16v engine gives the Fiat Nuova Croma 140 hp at 6300 rpm and 175 Nm of torque at 3800 rpm along with a top speed of 206 km/h and 0-100 km/h of 10.2 seconds.
The Nuova Croma, the Station Wagon interpreted by Fiat
The model in brief

The Nuova Croma makes its debut, the Station Wagon as Fiat sees it, a car full of innovation and substance, with new styling and a more rational range. It can boast both second generation Multijet engines and a lavish array of comfort, safety and infotainment equipment.

The Nuova Croma is a benchmark for its segment, with an amazingly roomy interior, and an excellent level of ‘well-being on board’ however long your journey is, thanks to equipment worthy of a flagship that is now the standard outfit, and above all for the original ‘styling’ formula inherited from the previous model – the ‘Comfort Wagon’ concept – that makes it, once more, the roomiest car in its segment.

With its even more dynamic look, the Nuova Croma immediately communicates a new approach to the car. It was designed to meet the needs of European society, where there is a growing trend among ‘new families’ (young families with children) to pay more attention to substance, and to demand safety and reliability from the family car: all at an accessible price. Which is why the new model is ideal for people who need space, practicality and low running costs during the week for professional reasons, and demand a good-looking, comfortable, safe station wagon for their free time, to that they can travel with the whole family in complete peace of mind. Revamped dynamic exterior styling

With its elegant, distinctive styling, the Nuova Croma is even more dynamic thanks to a number of styling changes introduced by the Fiat Style Centre. To start with, consistent with the Fiat ‘family feeling’ introduced with the Grande Punto and reiterated on the Bravo, the front of the Nuova Croma features original drop-shaped headlights with distinctive Italian styling, highlighted by a stylish burnished finish; the design of the front air inlet and the grille with its wide links and Crome Shadow painting, is also new. There is a new rear bumper, very similar to an air extractor, which gives the car a sportier look, and the same dynamism conveyed in the side view by the new light clusters, together with the wings, rear spoiler and new sideskirts. Last but not least, the model’s elegant look is underlined by the combination of polished black pillars with new chrome detailing on the window frames and rubbing strips.

The interior of the car has also received a number of styling changes that underline the typically Italian refinement (new cloth or leather upholstery for the seats and an original Wenghe-effect treatment of the mouldings) as well as a new steering wheel and a richer, more elegant instrument panel.

Class-beating access and roominess

The Nuova Croma is available with one bodywork version, which is one of the roomiest in its class; 478 centimetres long, 177 wide, 160 tall, and with a wheelbase of 270 cm, measurements that translate into an extraordinary amount of space inside.

The model’s distinguishing features are the generous amount of headroom for passengers, and the space between the seats (the best in its category), while the raised driving position guarantees excellent control over the road and better exterior visibility, even for rear passengers.

Thanks to the flat floor and the raised front and rear H points, it is extremely easy to get in and out of the car. What is more, the new model has one of the largest glazed areas in its market bracket (3.254 m2), and guarantees excellent acoustic and vibrational comfort, thanks to painstaking analysis of the passenger compartment and specific suspension calibration.

Another strong point of the Nuova Croma is the modular luggage compartment with its loading volume of 500 litres that becomes 1,610 litres up to the roof with the rear seats folded down. The luggage compartment is fitted with a practical Cargo box system that exploits all the available space: a removable shelf the same size as the luggage compartment that creates a continuous floor, level with the bumper ledge, to simplify loading and unloading. It also acts as a cover for a lower storage area 16 centimetres high, where fragile or valuable items can be stowed away from prying eyes. The lid of the cargo box can also be stored on the bottom of the well to increase loading capacity.

Exclusive equipment and solutions to travel in maximum comfort

The raised driving position and ergonomic controls make travelling in the Nuova Croma particularly enjoyable. And there are numerous exclusive accoutrements to choose from: a brand new DVD player, the Blue&Me™ system (also available in the NAV version), the ‘Interscope Sound System’ Hi-Fi and CONNECT Nav Plus. The Nuova Croma also proposes the best the market can offer in terms of automatic devices that help to reduce the fatigue of driving, for example Cruise Control, a rain sensor, parking sensor, tyre pressure sensor and Follow-me-home headlights that stay on for a few seconds. We should also mention the ‘adaptive cornering’ function of the front foglights, that are activated automatically with the dipped beams on the basis of the steering angle.

And finally, to raise the level of comfort even higher, the Nuova Croma adopts a reliable, tried and tested suspension system, with MacPherson struts at the front and Multilink suspension at the rear, tyres designed specifically to enhance comfort and safety, and electro-hydraulic power steering that makes all manoeuvres more comfortable.

Powerful, elastic engines that respect the environment

Original outside, spacious and quiet inside. The Nuova Croma is the Station Wagon from Fiat, designed for people with very different needs, taste and life styles, but who all share one thing: they want their car to be comfortable. And for people who also want exciting performance, the Croma offers the powerful 200 bhp 2.4 Multijet engine (combined with a 6-speed automatic sequential gearbox), which tops its class for specific power: 83 bhp/litre.

The Nuova Croma comes with two sparkling petrol engines (140 bhp 1.8 16v and 147 bhp 2.2 16v, the latter not available in Italy) and three Multijet turbodiesels (120 or 150 bhp 1.9 and 200 bhp 2.4) which reiterate Fiat Group Automobiles’ superiority in the field of diesel engines. All the engines meet EU Stage 4 emission standards, and the diesel units are fitted with particulate filters. They are offered with 5 different gearboxes that exploit the engine performance in full; all the petrol engines are combined with 5-speed transmissions, with the option of sequential automatic transmission on the 2.2 16v, and all the diesel engines have 6-speed gearboxes (the sequential automatic unit is offered as an alternative on the 150 bhp 1.9 Multijet, and as the standard unit on the powerful 200 bhp 2.4 Multijet 20v).

Class-beating safety

The Nuova Croma was designed and built to achieve the highest safety standards, and has been awarded the prestigious five-star NCAP rating that puts it at the top of its class, thanks to an array of sophisticated devices that are standard equipment on the model, starting from passive safety features such as: 2 ‘dual stage’ frontal airbags, 2 side airbags at the front, 2 curtain-bags and a knee-bag for the driver (rear sidebags are available on request).

The new Fiat Station Wagon behaves predictably at all times, thanks to the sophisticated electronic devices it incorporates to control dynamic behaviour: from braking to drive. They include ABS with EBD (Electronic Brake force Distribution) and, above all, ESP (Electronic Stability Program) which is standard throughout the range. The ESP on the Nuova Croma incorporates a number of additional features: ASR (Anti Slip Regulation) which limits drive wheel slippage when road grip is poor; MSR (Motor Schleppmoment Regelung) which intervenes if the driver changes down too abruptly, to return torque to the engine and prevent excessive dragging of the drive wheels; HBA (Hydraulic Brake Assistance), electro-hydraulic brake assistance, which automatically intervenes during panic braking; and finally, the Hill-holder that helps the driver on hill starts.

A broad, comprehensive range for a car of ‘substance’

The Nuova Croma is a car of substance that comes in an extremely comprehensive range. Different solutions are offered on different markets, but they all offer the same value for money. In Italy, for example, the range includes a choice of 4 engines (the 2.2 petrol engine is not available), 5 outfits (Classic, Active, Dynamic, Emotion and Must), 10 bodywork colours, and 4 interior environments, available in a choice of cloth, Castiglio and two types of leather.

We must not forget that the Nuova Croma range offers every customer, no matter how demanding, a choice between different options and accessories which may underline the model’s practicality and versatility, or cater for the customer’s practical and emotional demands. The Nuova Croma is perfect not only for the modern family, but also for businesses and professionals. And as a result, Fiat Automobiles Financial Services proposes a range of purchasing solutions and use formulae aimed specifically at these customers.

Italian styling for a station wagon with plenty of ‘substance’

With its elegant, distinctive styling, today’s Nuova Croma is even more dynamic, thanks to a number of styling changes introduced by the Fiat Style Centre. To start with, the front, which confirms the brand’s intention of building up the new ‘family feeling’ introduced with the Grande Punto and reiterated on the Bravo; it pays tribute to the great Italian motoring tradition, without stylistic exaggeration or excesses. For example, like the sporty GTs of the past, the car features drop-shaped elongated headlights with an original flair and distinctive Italian styling, highlighted by a stylish burnished finish. The design of the front air inlet and the grille is also new (the latter has wide links and fine Crome Shadow painting, and incorporates the new Fiat logo introduced with the Bravo).

From the side, the designers have accentuated the luminosity of the interior, drawing attention to the details of the side by inserting new chrome elements in the window frames and on the rubbing strips. These details, together with the painted black pillars, heighten the stylistic elegance of the Nuova Croma . At the same time, other styling elements – the new light clusters, the wings, the rear spoiler and the new sideskirts – give the car a lower, sleeker profile. The elegant, dynamic Fiat Nuova Croma also has a new rear bumper (which is partly embossed and partly painted the same colour as the body) which is very similar to an air extractor, and increases the sporty look of the rear.

We should underline that all the styling changes do not detract from the sensation of great robustness and roominess that the Croma has always communicated, confirmed by its generous dimensions: it is 478 cm long, 177 cm wide and 160 cm high, with a wheelbase of 270 cm, measurements that produce an extraordinary amount of roominess on board. Very briefly, the Nuova Croma is in line with the competition where length and width are concerned, and about 5 centimetres taller, while it is well above the average for this segment in terms of interior dimensions.

The interior of the car has also received a number of large and small styling changes that modify its look. The passenger compartment obviously inherits the distinctive traits of the previous model, greatly appreciated by customers, that make it a perfect blend of elegant shapes and well-being on board, worthy of an Italian flagship. The new Fiat Station Wagon combines these features with other novelties that include a new steering wheel, a richer, more elegant instrument panel, new cloth and leather upholstery on the seats (coordinated with the new carpeting) depending on the specification, and new mouldings treated with an original Wenghe effect.

Class-beating space and roominess

The Nuova Croma can boast an incomparable amount of interior roominess and space at the top of its class. The lines that run inside the passenger compartment are harmonious, and together with the generous glazed area of 3.5 m2, they create a friendly, luminous cabin, which provides plenty of room and a higher level of comfort than you would expect from a conventional Station Wagon in terms of ergonomics and space for the driver and passengers. The term ‘comfort’ applied to a car indicates a light, luminous environment which guarantees both excellent domination of the road for those in the front seats, and a perfect view for rear seat passengers. Total immersion in nature, which the new model guarantees unreservedly; in fact, it amplifies this effect thanks to the large double opening sunroof. With this sunroof, the glazed area reaches an amazing 5 m2, or 75% of the entire surface area above the waistline. That is not all, the concept of ‘comfort’ also means being seated with plenty of space all around in a comfortable, quiet environment.

Excellent ergonomic values for diffused well-being on board

So the Nuova Croma is a car in which to experience relaxing moments and comfortable journeys, enjoying a concrete, diffused sense of well-being. To achieve this goal, from the early stages of its development, the engineers adopted the latest ergonomic criteria to define the parameters that measure a car’s ability to provide well-being and comfort on board. The end result is the excellent values achieved by the Fiat Croma for the basic ergonomic functions: roominess, driving posture, access, visibility and reconfigurable space. These have always been winning qualities and they are even more important today, when we spend more time in our cars, there is a growing trend towards higher (and thus roomier) segments, and the average height of the population is increasing. This is why the Nuova Croma offers a comfortable environment to people of all shapes and sizes. The new model represents an innovative type of extremely comfortable saloon, a new formula that is born from the position of the second row of seats, which are at an optimal height with respect to the ground, allowing passengers comfortable access; they do not have to climb up or down, but simply move over horizontally, helped by the fact that the sill is lower, almost level with the floor at that point, providing plenty of foot room between the seat and the door pillar. In the front, the driver can raise or lower his seat and adjust the height and rake of the steering wheel to obtain an excellent roominess coefficient and an ideal driving position (catering for drivers from 1.50 metres to about 2 metres tall). And even if the driver is very tall, there is still plenty of room for an equally large passenger to sit comfortably behind him.

The width at shoulder height on the front seats is 1,425 mm, and 1,400 mm at the rear (both values are the best in this category). The coefficient of roominess is one of the best in the segment at 97.6 percentile, a value that refers to both the front and the rear seats.

A passenger compartment to enjoy

In line with the exterior styling, the Nuova Croma proposes classical, truly comfortable elements with updated dimensions that increase luminosity. The materials used to upholster the facia and door panels come in a choice of treatments, from shiny to an original Wenghe finish, depending on the specification. The door panels with their large armrests, controls and services, are identical at the front and rear, which underlines the attention paid to passengers on the second row. The rear of the passenger compartment offers outstanding comfort where both legroom and squab position are concerned. There are numerous closed storage compartments and the front seat folds down into a table to carry large loads or to act as a work surface (standard on the top-of-the-range version).

There is a generous unit between the 2 front seats with numerous storage compartments; it incorporates a 3-litre ‘cold-box’, which can be cooled with air from the climate system. Other storage compartments have been created in the front and rear door panels, bringing the total volume of storage space to about 24 litres. And finally, on the Emotion and Must versions, there is a large armrest on the rear seats, which includes 2 extractable glass holders, the rear door panels are fitted with privacy curtains and all the windows in the rear of the car fit tinted glass.

Comfort is also assured by the numerous interior customisation alternatives: both front seats adjust for height; the position of the steering wheel, (which adjusts for height and reach) and of the pedals, positioned centrally in front of the driver’s seat; the gearshift on the facia where it is easier for the driver to manoeuvre; the instruments are practical, precise and easy to read; the multifunction display provides access to various menus (and submenus) that speak the motorist’s language and offer a host of functions plus a trip computer; a climate control system with dual-zone control of the temperature and air distribution makes a significant contribution to well-being on board; lastly, a radio with CD player (and an MP3 player as an option) provides an excellent sound system tailored to the vehicle, with six or eight speakers (Hi-Fi with SRS function).

Seats and facia designed for maximum comfort

The large facia has a generous console at the centre that groups together the main infotainment, climate system and gearshift controls. The facia also contains a large closed 11-litre glove compartment. The front and rear seats on the Nuova Croma were designed to guarantee the highest level of comfort for every passenger percentile. This was made possible by working closely with the best Italian specialists in ergonomics and sports medicine. And on all versions of the Fiat Croma, the seats have 4 settings as standard: longitudinal, squab rake, vertical, and lumbar for the driver. The most lavishly equipped outfit offers 2 more settings: one tilts the whole seat, while the second folds the squab of the front passenger seat down into a horizontal position to produce a flat surface 2.7 metres long from the luggage compartment to the facia.

A large, practical luggage compartment

The Nuova Croma has a capacious luggage compartment that can be expanded from 500 litres with the boot closed, to 1610 litres up to the ceiling with the rear seats folded down (they can be folded separately, 40-60%). The luggage compartment also has an extremely regular shape: a great deal of attention was focused on it at the design stage to optimise the space in the boot without penalising the suspension geometry, allowing the motorist to exploit the interior space better and making it more versatile. The contents of the luggage compartment are also protected from prying eyes by a tonneau cover that slides level with the bottom of the windows.

The loading floor of the car can be set at two different levels, making the luggage compartment even more practical. In the higher position, the boot is divided into 2 areas, the lower being 16 cm high for more fragile, smaller items, while the upper area, level with the bumper ledge, serves for larger items. With a simple manoeuvre, the shelf can be repositioned on the bottom of the luggage compartment to produce a single loading area.

Cutting-edge technology for maximum comfort

In addition to an enjoyable drive, people expect to enjoy a sense of well-being in a Fiat. This means surrounding the driver and passengers with technologies that ensure outstanding acoustic and climatic comfort. The result is a muted, enveloping environment, free from vibration thanks to the careful soundproofing of the car and the outstanding torsional and flexural rigidity of the bodyshell. The Nuova Croma also proposes an original new DVD system, the evolution of the Blue&Me™ system, CONNECT Nav Plus, the ‘Interscope Sound System’ Hi-Fi, and a large opening sunroof.

The Nuova Croma guarantees uncompromising control and enjoyable driving. Comfort on the road and dynamic behaviour have always been inherent in Fiat cars, and in this model they become real strengths. Thanks to the tried and tested suspension system, tyres developed specifically to increase comfort and safety, and electro-hydraulic power steering that makes every manoeuvre more comfortable.

The new model offers the best the market can offer in the field of automated devices to reduce driving fatigue, such as Cruise Control, a rain sensor and parking sensor, tyre pressure monitoring and ‘Follow me home’ headlights. And the new model also offers front foglights with an adaptive ‘cornering’ function, which are activated automatically with the dipped beam on the basis of the steering lock (at speeds below 40 km/h, following the activation of the direction indicator, or for large steering locks, the onboard computer only activates the foglight on the inside of the bend).

The Nuova Croma fears no comparison where comfort is concerned, and guarantees a relaxing drive in all road and weather conditions.

NVH (Noise-Vibration-Harshness) Comfort

The Nuova Croma has achieved a high standard of comfort which means quiet, vibration-free driving (an excellent 65% at 140 km/h). This result was made possible both by the usual package of sound-deadening elements and the introduction of no fewer than 18 expandable partitions (they are positioned inside the boxed elements where they prevent noise from propagating and isolate the passenger compartment from the outside world), and by an innovative windscreen. The 2 sheets of glass are separated by a film of PVB plastic, adopting multiply technology to enhance acoustic comfort. The different properties of the multiply material result in optimal damping of the sound waves: the noise inside the passenger compartment is attenuated, particularly in the 200 kHz frequency band (the wave frequency in which the most annoying noises occur on the road).

Vibration is limited by a particularly rigid bodyshell structure. Flexural rigidity is excellent at 960 daN/mm, while torsional rigidity is 100,600 daNm/rad (outstanding on a car with a rear tailgate). Particular attention was also paid to the rigid attachment of all the mechanical organs and to the suspension, which was designed to achieve the highest possible levels of handling and comfort, in all driving conditions.

The DVD system

The collocation ‘innovation and emotion’ is one of the mainstays of the Fiat Automobiles philosophy: making state-of-the-art technology and ‘intelligent’ solutions that simplify and improve life on board a car available to everyone. The Nuova Croma is no exception, and it even proposes an exclusive DVD player mounted on the ceiling with a 9″ screen.

This sophisticated device can read any digital support (DVD, DVX, CD, CD-R, CD-RW – MP3, SUPER VCD, VCD, FOTO CD and WMA), and comes complete with remote control and infrared headphones.

Blue&Meâ„¢ and Blue&Meâ„¢ Nav: communicating and travelling without borders

One year after its launch, the Blue&Me™ system is enjoying huge commercial success, in fact 20% of purchasers of Fiat Group Automobiles models request the system, and it has also received a number of prestigious international awards. The Nuova Croma will be available with either the basic level Blue&Me™ (including a hands-free function with Bluetooth® interface and advanced voice recognition, USB port, MP3 reader and SMS interpreter), and the latest version of the device, Blue&Me™ Nav which also incorporates a navigation function at a really competitive price. Blue&Me™ Nav is already designed to be compatible with a range of telematic services created in partnership with Telecom Italia, in the best Fiat spirit: simple, useful and at the best price on the market. They include:

• SOS Emergency: in an emergency, pressing the SOS button puts you in contact with the operations centre and sends a text message that locates the vehicle. The service is also activated automatically if an airbag inflates. This allows the vehicle to be located promptly so that mechanical or medical assistance can be dispatched. During the contract warranty period, these services are free of charge.

• INFO Service: information at the motorist’s service. Wherever he goes, he can always receive updated information about events, cinemas, museums, road conditions, train times, restaurants, theatres and plenty more. Press the INFO button to speak to an operator who will give you the information he requires. INFO Service is on a pay-as-you-go basis, without a monthly fee; you only pay for what you need to know.

• Insurance services: thanks to the satellite location system and to agreements with the major Italian insurance companies, discounts of up to 20% will be available on Third Party liability policies, and up to 50% on Fire and Accident. And it will be possible to trace the car using the tracking system if it is stolen, or to calculate how many miles it travels, on the basis of which some companies will stipulate ‘tailor-made’ insurance policies which are more advantageous because they are based on the customers’ real needs. Blue&MeTM Nav incorporates a simple, intuitive pictogram navigation system that features an innovative method of introducing the destination using voice controls. The destination is calculated in real time because the map of the country is memorised on the USB pen drive, which makes access to the data faster and quieter than when a CD is used. And with Blue&MeTM Nav all the various functions interact, so that the telephone, music and navigation information is all displayed on the control panel. It is also possible to listen to music that is loaded on the same USB pen drive as the map, or on a media player, and to telephone using the hands-free function.

All the strong points of the system

Blue&Meâ„¢ was developed in 3 years by Fiat Group Automobiles and Microsoft. The partnership was ratified in July 2004, with the long-term goal of designing innovative telematic systems for cars, and it has created a product that has established itself on the market, exploiting a perfectly integrated technology that is in complete harmony with the user, as its name suggests.

Based on the Windows Mobile for Automotive system, this device features an open system that is always in step with the times, updateable, flexible and modular. With the help of Magneti Marelli, Fiat Group Automobiles and Microsoft offer a platform that adapts to most cell phones, music players and other personal devices, replacing current expensive, rigid hardware, with the great advantage of being able to constantly adapt to innovations on the market, remaining perfectly integrated into the car. All at an accessible price.

Blue&Me™ is really safe and easy to use. The voice control system, which is perfectly integrated into the controls on the steering wheel and the information on the instrument panel, allows a customer with a Bluetooth® cell phone to use it even if the phone is in a jacket or bag, without taking his hands off the wheel. And the advanced voice recognition system allows immediate interaction, because the voice does not have to be ‘learned’, and even allows incoming text messages to be interpreted aloud.

Occupants can listen to hours and hours of digital music in MP3, WMA and WAV format recorded on an iPod, a cell phone, an MP3 player or a USB pen drive, by connecting a digital device to the USB port. The customer who purchases the Blue&Meâ„¢ Nav system will receive a navigation kit comprising a USB pen drive with the memorised map, and a back-up CD that can be used to transfer the map onto a personal MP3 player or iPod.

The Nav key connects directly to the navigation menu, which can also be accessed via the controls on the steering wheel, or vocally. The USB key is inserted to start navigation, and the driver uses the keys on the steering wheel to choose his destination by selecting the initial letters of the address; he can even complete it vocally.

Like all other information, the navigation details can be displayed on the control panel: destination address, pictograms of the directions to follow, information on arrival and the usual vocal suggestions of the manoeuvres to make, reproduced through the speakers. Unlike most navigators, on which it is not possible to navigate and listen to music CDs at the same time without a CD changer, with Blue&Meâ„¢ Nav it is easy to navigate and listen to the music saved in the media player.

The navigation program can be used on a personal computer together with the back-up CD, to save the maps of a number of countries, purchased separately, on the USB pen drive. Then the driver can select a whole country (for example Italy, France, Germany, etc.), or part of a country (for example northern/central/southern Italy), or even a region that groups together maps of different countries (for example northern Italy and Switzerland, Austria and southern Germany).

The radio and ‘Interscope Sound System’ Hi-Fi

The Nuova Croma offers a radio complete with audio CD player (a version with an MP3 file reader is also available), that is perfectly integrated into the design of the dashboard, in an ergonomic position in the upper part of the facia, where it can easily be reached by the driver or passenger. The radio is combined with an audio system with six speakers: 2 tweeters and 2 woofers in the front door panels and 2 full-range woofers in the rear door panels.

An interesting Hi-Fi system known as the ‘Interscope Sound System’, is also available, designed and calibrated specifically for the Croma’s revamped passenger compartment. It comprises 8 speakers (2 tweeters and 2 woofers in the front and rear door panels, a 100 W subwoofer and a 30 W amplifier), and employs a particularly sophisticated technique to process the sound, developed with SRS Labs. What makes the sound experience on board the car really unique is the fact that the new system uses SRS 3D, Focus and TruBass effects simultaneously The first method (3D) spatially equalises stereo reproduction, exploiting the position of the speakers and improving the spatial perception.

The second method (Focus) raises the virtual position of the sources of sound. This gives the sensation of listening to speakers positioned higher than they actually are, and improves acoustic efficiency by adjusting the frequencies perceived by the human ear.

And finally, the third method (TruBass) extends the perceived frequency field towards the bass, enhancing the effect of the subwoofer so that the listener feels he is listening to a system that produces extended, very deep basses.

The result is a more enveloping sound, which recreates a correct stereophonic effect even for listeners who are positioned some away from the symmetrical axis of the speakers (as in the case of the car).


On request the Nuova Croma can be fitted with the CONNECT Nav Plus system, a sophisticated, latest generation infotelematic system that incorporates a satellite navigator, radio, CD player, GSM dual-band hands-free telephone, voice controls and Infomobility services.

Positioned at the centre of the facia, this device has a 6.5″ 256-colour TFT active matrix screen, where the driver can follow the indications regarding the route (also via voice messages). Now with even more intuitive and user-friendly graphics, CONNECT is the telematic solution designed to put technology at the service of the driver and to make life on board even more comfortable and easier during the journey to one’s destination: the driver only has to press the green key to access the GPS/GSM network and the advantages of satellite communications, dialoguing aloud with an operator, a personal assistant who is ready to respond to any request for information, in the driver’s language.

A number of particularly useful services are available, for example: receiving information about traffic conditions on the Italian motorway and superhighway network in real time, customised to a particular route or area of interest; requesting the address or telephone number of a private individual or company, from the Drive Me service. The operator will send the information to the instrument display panel by text message, after which the destination may be selected by touching a single key, and it is equally simple and immediate to call the number in the message without having to key it in; and finally, a 24-hour online medical consultancy service.

Climate System

There is a choice between a conventional manual climate system, and an automatic system with dual-zone control of the temperature and the air flow: this means that the driver and front passenger can choose not only individual temperature settings but also the distribution of the air flows. This climate system includes an automatic/manual recirculation function, radiation sensors with an ‘equivalent temperature’ control strategy and a combined air and dust filter. The air is conveyed into the passenger compartment through 4 adjustable vents on the facia and a central diffuser which distributes the air efficiently inside the car without bothersome direct jets of air. There are 2 more swivelling vents on the console for rear passengers. And the air for the front and rear footwells travels through special ducts. The total net area of the vents and ducts is an amazing 4.6 dm2.

Panoramic opening sunroof

Life on board Fiat’s new Station Wagon is made all the more enjoyable by the optional large opening sunroof (approximately 1.5 m2); this sunroof takes up almost the entire area of the roof and comprises two glass panels: a fixed rear panel and an electrically opening front panel. Inside there are two sunblinds that slide independently towards the rear of the car.

The panoramic sunroof offers occupants a completely new relationship with the surrounding environment, and they are able to enjoy the luminosity and the sense of freedom that this large glazed surface provides. When the driver wants more light inside, the system lets him keep the sunroof closed but open the blind underneath. If, on the other hand, he likes the feeling of driving ‘in the open’, the front glazed panel and sunblind can be opened completely in just seven seconds, to produce a real ‘window onto the sky’.

Front and rear suspension

The front suspension adopts a MacPherson layout and is mounted on a hydroformed steel frame. The system is independent and the dampers act as both damping and bearing elements, working together with a transverse link to guide the hub during oscillation. The advantages of the MacPherson system are its small size and the possibility of adjusting the changes to the suspension set-up with an applied load. It also makes it possible to achieve the best possible compromise between handling and comfort right at the design stage. The Nuova Croma incorporates a Multilink suspension system in the rear axle with four links (three transverse and one longitudinal) connected to a supporting frame to guarantee excellent dynamic comfort. Multilink suspension technology is the best available today and solves the problems related to longitudinal and transverse forces independently. For example, lateral forces are absorbed by the three transverse links. The length, layout and rigidity of the wheel supports were designed specially to maintain the wheels with an applied load in an optimal position, thus positively influencing the behaviour of the car when cornering. And thanks to its longitudinal and transverse links, the Multilink system allows highly precise vertical movements of the wheels, while at the same time limiting longitudinal and transverse displacement; this makes for excellent roadholding. And finally, light alloys were used extensively to improve suspension behaviour, in particular for the front and rear pillars, and the aluminium front transverse link.

Electro-hydraulic power steering (EHPS)

The power steering system on the Nuova Croma is of the electro-hydraulic type, and its intervention varies with the speed of the car and the steering lock. The power steering is programmed to decrease its effect as the speed increases. This means that the driver can turn the wheel very easily when parking, but maintain a safe contact with the road at high speed. In practice, the system varies the hydraulic power assist (number of pump revolutions) according to the steering rotation speed and the vehicle speed, providing more assistance for parking and very low hydraulic assistance at high speed. And because the system is only triggered during steering manoeuvres, it also reduces fuel consumption compared to a conventional hydraulic system that is always driven by the engine.


All the tyres for the Fiat Croma have been designed to optimise performance in all situations. Particular attention has been paid to comfort but also to the ability to hold the trajectory on corners and the capacity to absorb obstacles. The tyres adopted are: 205/55 R16 (with sheet metal rims), 215/55 R16 (with alloy rims), 215/50 R17 (with alloy rims) and 225/45 R18 (with alloy rims).

Elastic, powerful engines that respect the environment

Beneath very individual styling, Fiat’s new Station Wagon hides a comprehensive range of excellent engines, which embody advanced technologies, generous performance and respect for the environment.

The 140 bhp 1.8 16v and the 150 bhp 2.2

The 1.8 16v delivers a maximum of 103 kW (140 bhp) and peak torque of 175 Nm (17.8 kgm) at 3,800 rpm. Combined with a 5-speed gearbox, this engine takes the car to a top speed of 206 km/h, and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 10.2 seconds. Remarkable performance but low fuel consumption: 9.8 l/100 km in the urban cycle, 6.0 l/100 km in the out-of-town cycle and 7.4 l/100 km in the combined cycle. The 2.2 16v (which is not available in Italy) delivers 108 kW (150 bhp) at 5,800 rpm and peak torque of 203 Nm (20.7 kgm) at 4,000 rpm. The top speed is 210 km/h and it accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 10.1 seconds (when the engine is combined with the sequential automatic transmission the values are 205 km/h and 10.7 seconds respectively). In spite of this, consumption is low: 11.4 l/100 km in the urban cycle, 6.7 l/100 km out of town and 8.4 l/100 km in the mixed cycle (with the automatic transmission the values are 12.5, 7.6 and 9.4 l/100 km).

Both engines are offered with 5-speed gearboxes (the sequential automatic transmission is also available with the 2.2 16v).

Diesel engines: the story of Fiat’s supremacy

The three Multijet engines deserve a special mention; they are all offered with 6-speed gearboxes (including the automatic unit available as an option on the 150 bhp 1.9, and standard equipment on the 200 bhp 2.4 Multijet), masterpieces of engineering that confirm the Fiat Group’s leadership in this field.

The 200 bhp 2.4 Multijet 20v

Derived from the familiar 2.4 JTD 10-valve Common Rail engine, the new 20-valve unit has 5 cylinders in line, with a bore of 82 mm and stroke of 90.4 mm. It is the most powerful engine in the JTD multivalve family with Multijet technology, with a specific power of 83 bhp/litre.

The new engine offers numerous advantages. First of all, during the heating stage, it is from 3 to 6 decibels quieter, depending on rev speed and ambient temperature. It is also extremely powerful (147 kW – 200 bhp at 4000 rpm) with a generous torque (400 Nm – 40.8 kgm at 2000 rpm).

The 2.4 Multijet 20v engine incorporates a variable geometry turbo that makes 90% of peak torque available between 1750 and 3500 rpm. These figures translate into extremely enjoyable driving and brilliant performance: the Nuova Croma has a top speed of 216 km/h and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.5 seconds. But fuel consumption remains low: 7.2 l/100 km in the combined cycle, 10.3 in town, and 5.4 out of town. In addition to which the 200 bhp 2.4 Multijet 20v adopts a new 6-speed sequential automatic transmission, a compact light device that incorporates the control unit in the gearbox, which was designed paying particular attention to consumption. On one hand, the use of low friction oil has boosted efficiency, while on the other, the sixth speed has been calculated particularly for use on the motorway.

Finally, the 2.4 Multijet 20v has undergone a number of technical changes that have made it even more reliable, powerful and sparing on fuel. And finally, like the other two Multijet engines in the range, it respects Euro 4 legislation and offers a particulate trap (DPF), a ‘for life’ system that eliminates fine dust and does not need additives to regenerate it.

The 150 bhp and 120 bhp 1.9 Multijet

Both have 4 cylinders in line, a bore of 82 mm and stroke of 90.4 mm; the first delivers 150 bhp (110 kW) at 4,000 rpm and peak torque of 320 Nm (32.6 kgm) at 2,000 rpm; the second delivers 120 bhp (88 kW) at 4,000 rpm and peak torque of 280 Nm (28.6 kgm) at 2,000 rpm. Changes were made to both engines to boost performance and engine torque at low speeds, and to reduce noise and vibration. Two new strategies automatically calibrate and balance the diesel fuel injected to lower noise and reduce vibration. And both engines are equipped with variable geometry Garrett VGT 17 turbines.

With the 150 bhp 1.9 Multijet engine, the Fiat Croma has a top speed of 210 km/h, and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.6 seconds (the values for the 120 bhp 1.9 Multijet are 195 km/h and 11.0 seconds respectively). In spite of this brilliant performance, it is sparing on fuel: 8.1 l/100 km in the urban cycle, 4.9 l/100 km out of town and 6.1 l/100 km on the mixed cycle (7.9, 5 and 6.1 are the values for the 120 bhp 1.9 Multijet).

‘Five-star’ safety

The Fiat Croma has been awarded the prestigious Euro NCAP five-star rating, that puts it at the top of the class where safety is concerned. This important achievement, which follows that of the Grande Punto, Bravo and 500, confirms the importance that Fiat Group Automobiles attributes to all aspects related to the protection of the driver and passengers. In the case of the Fiat Croma, the work done has given excellent results. To achieve it, the engineers analysed all possible types of accident: head-on and side-on impact, overturning, nose-to-tail and fire. They took into account the different speeds at which a crash may occur, the different types of obstacle and the protection of occupants with very different physical characteristics. It entailed 18,000 hours of calculation, 120 crash tests, 100 crash simulations on a HyGe sled, 200 tests on components and subsystems, 10 new types of performance specifications and test procedures, and 8 co-design suppliers with specific structures for passive safety (2 of whom were involved exclusively in the design and development of the safety devices).

Detailed analysis of all these parameters produced a number of technical solutions that make the Fiat Croma one of the safest cars on the market. The new model incorporates a large number of sophisticated devices as standard equipment, starting with those dedicated to passive safety: 2 dual stage front airbags, 2 front side airbags, 2 curtain bags and a driver’s side knee-bag (rear side airbags are available on request). Front seat belts with pre-tensioners and load limiters are standard equipment, as is an anti-whiplash device on the front head restraints. Three-point Isofix anchorage points on the rear side seats anchor child seats safely.

The new car performs predictably at all times, pardoning any mistakes by the driver and getting him out of any critical situations without difficulty. In addition to an superb braking system, the Fiat Croma also incorporates a number of electronic devices that control the car’s dynamic behaviour, from braking to traction. These include ABS with EBD (Electronic Brake force Distribution) and, above all, ESP (Electronic Stability Program), the system that intervenes when conditions are close to the limit, and the car’s very stability is at risk, helping the driver to control the vehicle.

ESP is standard equipment throughout the Nuova Croma range, and includes the following supplementary systems: ASR (Anti Slip Regulation), which limits drive wheel slip when surface grip is poor; MSR (Motor Schleppmoment Regelung), which cuts in if the driver changes down too abruptly, to return torque to the engine and prevent excessive dragging of the drive wheels; HBA (Hydraulic Brake Assistance), the electro-hydraulic device that automatically intervenes during panic braking; and finally the Hill-holder that helps the driver on hill starts.

All versions in the range are fitted with disc brakes all round (ventilated at the front, and at the rear on versions with the 1.9 Multijet 16v and 2.4 Multijet 20v engines), which guarantee excellent braking distances: from 36.2 to 36.9 metres depending on the version (from 100 km/h).

A precise response to every request

The Nuova Croma is the ideal car for the modern family, but also for businesses and the self-employed. As a result, Fiat Group Automobile Financial Services have devised numerous customised purchasing and use formulae for all these potential customers, both private individuals and businesses. And the new model is offered in a broad, comprehensive range, where everyone will find the car that meets his specific needs.

The proposals of Fiat Group Automobiles Financial Services

Sava Leasing and Loans

For the Nuova Croma , Sava proposes two formulae that are particularly suitable for this customer target: leasing and instalment loans.

The Sava leasing programme is the ideal choice for someone who does not wish to tie up capital and intends to purchase the car when the contract expires. With this purchasing formula the customer makes a down payment of 10% to 40% and opts for a duration of 24 to 72 months, with a flexible final payment; the contract can also be supplemented with a useful service known as ‘Prestito Protetto’ (Protected Loan), which relieves the customer from having to pay the monthly rates (within the limits envisaged by the policy conditions and subject to the exclusions indicated) or residual capital in the event of unexpected and uncontrollable personal contingencies, such as the sudden, premature termination of business activities. The ‘Rateale’ formula is a classic instalment loan, with a flexible down payment, lasting from 12 to 72 months, which can be supplemented by the Prestito Protetto and other supplementary added value services, such as Theft/Fire insurance, that covers the car against theft, fire, robbery, natural and socio-political events, and window breakage, or the exclusive KASKO (comprehensive) policy that includes reimbursement of damage in the event of a collision with another vehicle or a stationary or moving obstacle, overturning or going off the road. In the event of partial damage, the policy also reimburses the damage at the new value.

Savarent long-term rental

The Savarent long-term rental formula is ideal for business customers because it is the most comprehensive for anyone who works or needs a global mobility service, particularly people with small businesses, and individual or stock companies.

The customer who purchases a Nuova Croma with a Savarent rental contract pays a monthly charge that covers a vast range of services included in the cost: ownership tax, fire, theft and comprehensive insurance, management of claims, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, roadside assistance, tyre changes and a courtesy car. The customer who chooses a rental contract is offered a package of important economic and tax advantages, always has a new, efficient vehicle fleet at his disposal, and is relieved from all bureaucratic formalities. Another advantage of the Savarent rental formula is the fact that it is available all over Italy, provided by reliable, expert consultants with offices in official Fiat Group Automobiles dealerships.

The range

The Nuova Croma is proposed in an extremely comprehensive range, in which everyone will find the Croma he is looking for. Different solutions are offered on different markets, but they all offer the same value for money, and reflect the many ways of interpreting and using the car. In Italy, for example, the range includes a choice of 4 engines (the 2.2 petrol unit is not available), 5 outfits (Classic, Active, Dynamic, Emotion and Must), 10 bodywork colours, and 4 interior environments in a choice of cloth, Castiglio and leather.

The first two specifications, Classic and Active, feature Nattè cloth upholstery, a Lavagna Grey facia coordinated with the carpeting, and inserts in the facia and panels that are painted Cosmos Grey. Where the equipment is concerned, both outfits propose a manual climate system as standard, with a radio-CD player, a split folding rear seat (60/40), height-adjustable front seats and a central console with a refrigerated cell and oddment compartment. The array of safety equipment is also standard: dual stage front airbags, sidebags to protect the head and head restraints on all the seats (those at the front are ‘antiwhiplash’ type). On the outside, the outfit includes a spoiler on the tailgate, miniskirts, chrome door handles and body-coloured bumpers. To this, the Nuova Croma Active adds foglights, a driver’s side knee-bag, front side airbags, and ESP electronic stability control.

The third outfit, Dynamic, proposes the same features as the Active where the facia, inserts and carpets are concerned, but differs for the seats, which have cushions upholstered in Chromo with side strips in Vicuna. The features that distinguish this outfit include: controls on the leather steering wheel, Cruise Control, 16″ alloy wheels, dual-zone climate control, chrome window frames and shiny-effect black pillars.

The fourth specification, known as Emotion, differs on the inside for the mouldings (in Grey or Wenghe Brown) and seat upholstery: the cushion is in Techno while the side strips are in Castiglio. Compared to the Dynamic specification, it adds dark windows, a parking sensor, tilting front seats (the passenger seat folds down), 17″ alloy wheels, a double luggage compartment and a sunblind for the rear seats. The Nuova Croma range is completed by the Must specification, which adds seats with Techno-upholstered cushions and side strips in leather, 18″ wheels and an opening sunroof.

The complete range of standard and optional equipment for the Italian market follows; it can be enriched with articles chosen from the Lineaccessori range, to underline the model’s practicality and versatility, and to meet the functional and emotional demands of any customer: from roof bars to luggage restraint nets, an alarm system and a trailer hook.

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