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The next generation of the series follows on from the 205 Turbo 16 and the 206 WRC, both of which supported their respective production models at the time of their individual launches.
Styled by the Peugeot Style Center, the 207 RCup reflects the sporty nature and style of the production 207 with even greater intensity – bold, elegant lines, well proportioned and balanced; it portrays the efficiency of the design and ensures driving enjoyment on a day-to-day basis.
With a central red stripe running the length of the body, guiding the eye to the flowing lines of the pure white body, the sides emphasized by a red stylized lion’s head motif, all strengthen the intensity of the overall shape of the vehicle.
The more sporty shape of the front and rear wings of the 207 RCup, a wider front and rear track than the original 207 and unusually large wheel arches, create a strong aerodynamic design.
Proudly exhibiting the sporty credentials of the 207 and taking them to a new level, the 207 RCup concept car appears to be ‘glued to the road’ with its lower ground clearance reduced to ten centimeters. It creates an impression that it is ready to take any challenge, with its four 18′ wheels featuring multiple magnesium spokes and fitted with 235/40 R18 tires.
Its two dual rear exhaust pipes, the deep front air dam containing air extraction ducts in front of the front wheels and the rear roof spoiler designed to increase down force, affirm without doubt, the character of the vehicle.
The Start of a Future Peugeot Sport Program
On opening the door, all becomes clear: the 207 RCup follows the design requirements of the Rally Super 2000 category with its single compartment chassis and its tubular rollover cage protecting the vital space for the driver and the co-driver, who sit in competition bucket seats securely retained by four-point harnesses.
The interior of the 207 RCup retains the same ‘wave-style’ fascia panel and the motorcycle dials of the instrument panel found on the original 207. The central section and centre console are colored red, echoing the exterior decoration, and guiding the expert eye of its driver and co-driver to the essential racing instrumentation.
The Heart: Naturally Aspirated 2.0-liter Engine
At the heart of this dynamic machine lies a naturally aspirated 2.0-liter petrol engine with double overhead camshafts and four valves per cylinder, with a power of approximately 280 bhp at an engine speed
of 8,500 rpm, as dictated by Super 2000 Rally regulations.
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Source: Peugeot Press Release

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