Press Release:
HIROSHIMA, Japan—Mazda Motor Corporation has announced that it will release the NR-A version Mazda Roadster for sale at its Mazda and Mazda Anfini dealers throughout Japan in early April 2006. The Roadster is known as the MX-5 in overseas markets.
Designed with specifications that enable drivers to compete in NR-A category races in after the addition of special racing kit, Mazda has been selling the base model NR-A Roadster since December 2001. Since then, the NR-A model Roadster has been favorably received by motorsports enthusiasts thanks to its reasonable cost and the added dimension of exhilarating driving possibilities that come with meeting the NR-A race requirements.
The new NR-A model Roadster is based on the all-new third generation Roadster that underwent a complete redesign and launched in August 2005. Employing special equipment on the new Roadster NR-A model-height-adjustable Bilstein dampers, a torque-sensing ‘Super LSD’ (limited-slip differential), and front strut tower bars-makes this exciting new model more suitable for sporty driving.
The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the Roadster MX-5 NR-A model is 2,300,000 yen, including sales tax. It is only available in the Japanese market.
The new NR-A model was designed to participate in the “Roadster Party” One Make races in Japan. These events are sponsored by Mazda and will be held from September 2006.
Outline of Roadster NR-A
Base model
Roadster with 2.0-liter DOHC engine and with a five-speed manual transmission
Additional/changed features different from the base model
– Height-adjustable Bilstein dampers
– Torque-sensing ‘Super LSD’ (limited-slip differential)
– Leather-wrapped steering wheel
– Aluminum gas/brake/clutch pedals
– Front suspension tower bars (braced to the cowl structure)
– 16-inch steel wheels (16-inch aluminum wheels are standard equipment on the base model)
Price this car:
MSRP: not available yet
Invoice: not available yet
Source: Mazda Press Release

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