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Unveiled at the 2005 Bologna Motor Show, C-AirPlay is a fresh interpretation of a supermini designed for an active and dynamic lifestyle. The original body architecture features a curvy exterior with no sharp breaks in the design lines, and an uncluttered cabin that places the emphasis on driving sensations. C-AirPlay brings the driver and passengers a new expression of driving pleasure based on physical and visual perceptions.

A new form of automotive pleasure
C-AirPlay is the result of exploratory studies in creative design and in-depth research into driving pleasure. It is a perfect fit with the Marque’s styling references and its values.
C-AirPlay returns to the source of automotive pleasure, a pleasure born in movement and sensation rather than in sheer speed.

New driving sensations
C-AirPlay is a concept-car of flowing design whose clean body lines and tall, strongly curved features create an impression of agility. The iridescent white bodywork bathes the whole car in light. Behind the wheel, the driver enjoys dynamic driving sensations based on physical and intellectual perceptions.Air is a key factor both inside and outside C-AirPlay. From the lowest speeds, the air flow around the driver is perceptible and plays an active role. The air flows in through a ventilation system directly connected with the outside, and through the large air vents on the door panels.

At the same time, light floods in through the roof opening and the porthole windows on the lower part of the doors. These windows offer a direct vision of the road, thus amplifying passenger sensations. Seeing the road close-up enhances the impression of speed.Contributing to the flowing body lines of C-AirPlay, the tall windscreen extends right up to the wide panoramic roof. This creates a vast glazed area that offers excellent visibility while also letting in maximum light.

The colours used by C-AirPlay – rarely seen on cars – are designed for contrast. The iridescent white bodywork is also present inside the car, alongside the bright red used for the cabin.These two colours enhance the overall brightness of the car, and create an impression of vitality and warmth in the cabin.

Suggesting movement and agility
The compact lines, low height and strong on-road stance of C-AirPlay suggest dynamic driving pleasure. The taut body lines express this concept-car’s dynamic capacities. The broad air intakes are a statement of its determined character.The rear-end design is a perfect fit with the rest of the vehicle, giving it a strong, decisive look. The broad chrome chevrons at the rear of C-AirPlay state the visual identity of the Marque.

In C-AirPlay, attention to detail underlines the coherence of the car’s styling to give it greater energy and substance. This innovative design work is also in evidence on the exterior components, which integrate perfectly with the bodywork to create a harmonious whole. The lower part of the doors features wide windows. In terms of their use and their shape, these windows resemble portholes that allow the passengers of C-AirPlay to enjoy a close-up travelling experience.

With C-AirPlay, the most ordinary journey creates sensations of driving pleasure. This is a car that leaves space for the unexpected. With its responsive, low-weight chassis, this concept-car sets remarkable standards of performance, particularly in its favourite stamping ground – the city. A nimble car, it is able to extract itself from difficult situations quickly and efficiently. Its wheel base gives it a strong on-road stance, while the wheels and tyres are generously sized.

The low driving position creates an impression of speed and movement that is specific to C-AirPlay.As well as boasting dynamic driving sensations and excellent road manners, this car also respects the environment.

Dynamic capacities and environmental protection
A car for everyday journeys, C-AirPlay is equipped with a 110 bhp petrol engine. A SensoDrive automated gearbox with short gear ratios creates dynamic and fun driving sensations that are further amplified by easy access to the steering-wheel mounted gear paddles.
As a good urban ‘citizen’, C-AirPlay uses Stop & Start technology for low fuel consumption and emission levels.

A tactile journey
The interior design confirms the vehicle’s dynamic and sophisticated style. The cabin of C-AirPlay can accommodate two adults and their luggage in comfort. This design reflects the fact that C-AirPlay is a supermini, a car that is by nature intended for frequent use.
The interior design is enhanced by the use of original materials, used in an innovative way to increase interaction between the driver and the vehicle.

Priority functions
C-AirPlay was designed as a car of essential features. It is an object dedicated to automotive pleasure, fully focused on the functions and sensations that are deemed to be most important for the driver and passenger. The level of equipment provided on C-AirPlay is fairly simple, but the car makes no compromises on safety. Driving controls and information are grouped on the steering wheel in order not to break up the pure design lines of the cabin. The instruments are organised around two spheres including the speedometer, rev counter, fuel level, and other functions. This equipment is back-lit as soon as the headlamps are switched on. The colour emitted is he same shade of red as the cabin.

An atmosphere that serves the senses
C-AirPlay places its occupants in a world of strong sensations. All the senses are stimulated at the same time and on several levels.

The pure design lines of the cabin place particular emphasis on passenger sensations. The front seat, intended for two people, is designed in a single piece. Its uninterrupted curves echo the inserts in the curving door panels and the uncluttered lines of the dashboard.Air, light and colour work together to create a lively atmosphere based on contrasts. C-AirPlay and its occupants function as one, interacting with their immediate environment.

Tactile zones in the centre of the front seats include gear controls, the electric window lifts and rearview mirror adjustment. Looking beyond their innovative design, these touch-sensitive points express a new proximity with the car, which reacts to physical contact, just like a living organism. The tactile zones provide a strong reactive sensory interface between the driver and the car.

The tactile exchange between C-AirPlay and the driver also extends to the materials used, such as the silicone on the seats and door panels.

C-AirPlay thus creates sensations that are new to the world of cars, linked to comfort and driving pleasure.

A vehicle of taut, curving lines and dynamic driving sensations, C-AirPlay is a lively, dynamic concept supermini. It is an original and innovative response to modern, everyday transport requirements.

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