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Hybrid Open Sports Car and Ultra Fuel Economy Car at the 39th Tokyo Motor Show
Daihatsu Motor Co., LTD. is exhibiting nine prototype models (13 vehicles) and nine production models as well as spotlighting its engineering advances at the 39th Tokyo Motor Show, from Saturday, October 22 to Sunday, November 6 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture.

Based on the Daihatsu slogan “We make it COMPACT” and inspired by Daihatsu’s unifying exhibition theme “Wonderful Small vehicles – Future Style”, Daihatsu reveals its latest accomplishments in the areas of “Fun, Eco, & Life”, to show the shape of the small car’s future.

Some of the show highlights will be the HVS hybrid open sports car, which fuses sporting and environmental impulses; the third-generation “ultra fuel economy” UFE-III; the ESSE smart & casual small sedan, and many more, not to mention Daihatsu’s advanced technology.

SK-Tourer (SK stands for “soukai,” meaning “invigorating” in Japanese.)
This new genre of small tourer has streamlined, dynamic styling, invigorating performance and comfortable interior quality all rolled into one.

Long and low-slung aerodynamic body complemented by rounded interior that envelops passengers in comfortable, low seats.

660cc in-line 3-cylinder turbo engine balances high power and remarkable fuel economy, while a CVT with tip-shifter promises smooth and sporty gear shifting.

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Source: Daihatsu Press Release

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