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A Small Car that Doesn’t Skimp on Comfort
You’ll enjoy every minute you spend with the Sirion. This compact car is packed with features and functions that deliver outstanding comfort. Slide in and notice the spaciousness. Surprised? The compact Sirion defies conventional wisdom about compact cars to give you the kind of roominess that you need to truly relax. Sitting behind the steering wheel, you’ll notice the generous amount of space between your seat and the front passenger seat beside you. When we designed the Sirion, we made sure both driver and front passengers would enjoy extra comfort. Rear passengers will enjoy the ride too, thanks to the Sirion’s generous leg space between front and rear seats. The rear doors open wide to an angle of around 80 degrees, allowing easy entry and exit and smooth handling of large luggage. With the spacious, thoughtfully designed Sirion, everyone enjoys the ride.

Ample Luggage Space
There’s more than just cabin space too. Offering sufficient luggage capacity in spite of its compact dimensions, the Sirion has plenty of space for passengers and for their luggage too. There is a full 630 litres (VDA measurement) of luggage space with two people on board. With five on board it still has 225 litres (VDA measurement). The Sirion handles a baby stroller, golf bag or suitcase with ease. The top of the back door has plenty of head clearance. It opens to a height that allows women in high heels and tall men to load and unload cargo safely, with less chance of bumping heads on the door frame. A pull handle also makes it easy to close the door. A luggage room lamp adds convenience after dark.

Flexible Seat Arrangement
True to its concept as the multiple purpose compact, the Sirion offers a high level of flexibility in its seat arrangement. In all Sirion models, the rear seat backs can be configured in a 6:4 ratio. The seat cushions can be slid forward to form a flat surface. Both rear seat backs can be folded forward to carry large, bulky items, or just one seat back can be folded to make room for both long objects and a rear seat passenger. These flexible combinations meet a wide variety of seating and carrying needs. Sliding the rear seat cushions forward produces a second luggage space that can be used to protect any fragile or delicate items you wish to carry by surrounding them with soft cushioning to provide them with greater protection. The front seats have clean, simple styling and rounded shoulders that make it easy to reach the back seats for cargo, and to check on the condition of an infant riding in a child seat in the rear.

Driver-Friendly Storage Compartments
The Sirion offers a host of driver-friendly storage compartments that you will appreciate on the road. Boxes and trays are positioned within easy reach of the driver for convenient storage and safe, easy retrieval of bottled beverages, maps and other items.

Flush surface radio (With CD stereo)
An attractive AM/FM radio with stereo CD player (capable of playing CD-R discs) is provided as standard equipment. The unit is integrated into the centre cluster and mounted flush with the panel surface.

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