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Maybach philosophy also reflected by the Collection: The Maybach Collection
Exclusive collaboration with Dunhill
Superlative standards of design and quality
Traditional craftsmanship and guaranteed exclusivity
To coincide with the first deliveries of the Maybach at the end of this year, Maybach is introducing a Collection of refined and exclusive products, designed to make travelling in the extraordinary high-end luxury saloon an even more personal and luxurious experience. A new partnership with Dunhill, the leading manufacturer of luxury accessories, has after a period of two years resulted in a luggage set, an accessories set and a smoker’s set, exclusively developed for the Maybach owner under the label “Dunhill Motorities for Maybach”. A leather golf bag is also available. Like the Maybach itself, the products which make up the Collection cater to the most discerning of tastes in terms of design, material and workmanship. In creating the Collection, Maybach has specifically sought out partners whose products demonstrably meet the highest possible of quality standards.
A focus on traditional craftsmanship
Genuine luxury is incompatible with mass production. It stems from a knowledge and appreciation of true craftsmanship. The exclusivity of the Maybach car is the result, among other things, of the consistent individualisation of the vehicle. The exclusivity of the Collection is ensured by the partners Maybach has selected. Dunhill can boast of a tradition dating back over a hundred years and is very much a company which focuses on traditional craftsmanship. Like the Maybach production centre in Sindelfingen, Dunhill fuses innovation and tradition to create products of the very highest quality and exclusivity.
Alfred Dunhill – a visionary at the dawning of the era of the motorcar
Back at the end of the 19th century, when Alfred Dunhill took over his father’s saddlery business, he was far-sighted enough to recognise the possibilities of the newfangled motorcar. With an eye on the future, he called his company Dunhill Motorities. While his father had still made his living from carriage covers, awnings and harnesses, Alfred Dunhill foresaw the end of the era of the coach approaching and decided to focus instead on the car. As early as 1903, the Dunhill Motorities products covered the range from coats and spectacles to watches, and the company’s advertising confidently promised “Everything but the motor”.
Exclusive luxury on the road – the luggage set and golf bag from Dunhill
The long tradition of Dunhill Motorities means that the company has a precise understanding of the wishes and needs of Maybach customers. The Dunhill luggage set consists of two suitcases, a suit holder, two holdalls and a document case. A quality leather golf bag is available separately. Manufactured in the finest pale calfskin, exclusively handcrafted by specialists, each item in the set combines out-standing functionality with the incomparable charm of an individually made item. Each of the items in the luggage set has a woven carrying handle with a high-tech interior, based on the original door handles inside the historic Maybach. This too is an example of how traditional craftsmanship and innovative technology can be successfully combined: very flexible and extremely pleasant to the touch, the handles are still exceptionally strong. Form and function are combined here in an ideal and innovative way.
Discreet luxury – accessories from Dunhill
Each item in the accessories set and the smoker’s set is shaped by the Dunhill tradition and exudes a discreet sense of luxury, ensuring that to travel in the Maybach is to travel in style. The centrepiece of the smoker’s set is a travel humidor, trimmed in the finest calfskin, with an integral humidity system. The set also includes a lighter and a cigar cutter. The accessories set consists of a leather pillow, a cashmere blanket, which comes in a leather case, a silver twin pen and an umbrella. In terms of innovation, the highlight of the set is the umbrella. Manufactured in the best traditions of craftsmanship, it does more than simply offer protection from sudden downpours. If the handle is unscrewed, the supplied extension piece can be inserted and the umbrella anchored in the ground as a sunshade, ensuring that the Maybach driver is also ideally equipped for a picnic on a hot summer’s day. The umbrella can be clipped into a holder in the lid of the Maybach boot when not in use, ensuring that it is always ready to hand.
Robbe & Berking: classic craftsmanship with a long tradition
Founded in Flensburg in 1874, the family firm Robbe & Berking has become one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of silverware and cutlery. Twelve individual items and one cutlery set with over 30 pieces are specially available for the Collection. From the champagne goblet and the tray to the fruit knife, all items are manufactured by hand from .925 sterling silver. Robbe & Berking’s knowledge of working this precious metal, acquired over the course of over 125 years, ensures that the classically elegant designs are produced with the ultimate craftsmanship and finish. The two embossed ‘M’s of the Maybach logo, together with the R&B hallmark, stand for first-class quality and the ultimate in exclusivity.
Silver perfection
.925 sterling silver is made up of 92.5 percent silver to 7.5 percent copper. This material quality has long since established itself as the international standard, which is why Robbe & Berking’s solid silverware and cutlery is only produced in .925 sterling silver. It is not simply the material which dictates the quality, however: craftsmanship makes all the difference here. At Robbe & Berking any ornamentation is, of course, still hand-engraved and the exquisite bowls and goblets are artistically shaped by hand. All of the silverware is also hand-polished, giving it its incomparable finish. Naturally, these high standards are also applied to the cutlery set and all of the individual items specially designed for the Maybach Collection.
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MSRP: $357,000
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