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Wide range of luxury equipment to meet individual customer requirements
550-hp biturbo engine provides acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h in 5.4 seconds
Ten airbags and SBC™ braking system for exemplary safety
In the second year of its comeback the luxury brand Maybach is presenting its two Maybach 57 and Maybach 62 high-end models to the public at the North American International Auto Show.
Equipped with 21st-century passenger-car technology, built in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and designed with an extremely attentive eye for detail, these cars reflect the unrivalled expertise which DaimlerChrysler has acquired as the oldest and most innovative auto maker.
This distinguished background has allowed Maybach to raise the bar at the summit of the passenger car market. At the same time, the brand is continuing the tradition of the legendary Maybach cars of the 1920s and 30s, which stood alongside Mercedes-Benz models as some of the finest examples of automotive excellence worldwide.
The model designations refer to the impressive length of these unique cars: 6.17 metres for the top Maybach 62 model presented in Detroit and 5.73 for the Maybach 57. Ground-breaking innovations which, formerly, were found exclusively in Mercedes cars have been further developed and are fitted as standard in the Maybach Saloons. These include the Sensotronic Brake Control (SBC™) electrohydraulic braking system, AIRMATIC DC (Dual Control), LINGUATRONIC voice control, the COMAND APS control and display system and the TELEAID emergency call system.
These are joined by further examples of peerless vehicle engineering: there is the “Type 12″ engine with its 405 kW/550 hp output, a 600-watt sound system providing Dolby surround sound at every seat, a highly efficient four-zone automatic climate control system based on two separate air conditioning systems and – exclusively in the Maybach 62 – innovative seats for the rear which boast an enviably comfortable reclining position.
The design: a perfect balance of classic and contemporary influences
The new Maybach models represent a synthesis of technological leadership on the one hand and elegance, aesthetics and flawlessness on the other. Form, colour and materials blend together seamlessly to give the high-end luxury Saloons a quality of design which further enhances their majestic character and imbues them with a distinctive identity. The Maybach models represent automotive standing in its most elegant form, with an inimitable stylistic allure resulting from a balance of classic inspiration and contemporary innovation.
The Maybach’s lines – both inside and out – have been chosen for their timeless elegance. A range of exquisite materials, including – depending on the model variant – up to 78 masterfully designed and hand-crafted fine wood trim elements, are available to adorn the inside of the car. Indeed, the Maybach’s interior design was inspired by one aim in particular: to provide the greatest possible comfort for all the car’s occupants.
The impressive spaciousness of the 2.25 or 2.68-metre long interior is complemented by excellent seat comfort, low noise levels and highly efficient climate control to offer the occupants of the high-end Saloons an outstanding driving experience.
Individuality: more than two million equipment combinations
Everything that the discerning driver and passenger need in terms of entertainment, communications and comfort is fitted as standard in the Maybach saloons: from the DVD player and TV receiver, to a refrigerator compartment and cordless telephone with two handsets. And this generous range of standard equipment also leaves ample scope for individuality, a sign of the luxury car brand’s commitment to developing the tradition started by its legendary predecessors. With the wide-ranging selection of standard and optional equipment, there are over two million different ways in which Maybach customers can personalise the design and fittings of their high-end luxury saloon. The scope for individualisation is further expanded with a range of high-quality accessories developed specifically for the Maybach – from a made-to-measure luggage set to a Sterling silver champagne flute, from a humidor to a golf bag.
Maybach customers can put their personal stamp on the interior, with a choice of six shades of Grand nappa leather plus three types of high-quality wood, while the paintwork is available in 17 colour shades which can also be combined to create a two-tone finish – another elegant hallmark of the Maybach. When it comes to tailoring the Saloon’s technical equipment to the customers’ individual tastes or requirements, Maybach offers a total of around two dozen additional extras. These include exclusive Mercedes innovations for even greater comfort – for example, DISTRONIC proximity control, KEYLESS-GO and active seat ventilation.
The engine: top marks for output and torqueThe new engine presents compelling evidence of DaimlerChrysler’s many years of experience and wealth of expertise in the development, construction and manufacture of 12-cylinder power units. The 5.5-litre biturbo Maybach engine develops 405 kW/550 hp, offering peak torque of 900 Newton metres as low down as 2300 rpm. The “Type 12″ powerplant thus ensures that the cars are able to rise to any driving situation with the ease and authority you expect of Maybach. For example, the Maybach 57 accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in only 5.2 seconds, while the engine’s prodigious torque powers it on from 60 to 120 km/h in just 6.5 seconds.
Safety: occupant protection enhanced by ten airbags
In addition to a sophisticated body structure, the outstanding safety technology of the high-end luxury car also includes a total of ten airbags – two adaptive airbags with two-stage gas generators for the front passengers, plus four sidebags and two large windowbags on either side of the interior. The three-point seat belts with automatic comfort-fit, high-performance belt tensioners and belt force limiters are integrated into the seats and can therefore provide their full protection at all times, regardless of the seat position. When it comes to active safety, credit must go to the innovative Sensotronic Brake Control (SBC™) braking system developed by Mercedes-Benz, which is fitted in the Maybach with a central control unit, two high-pressure accumulators and two hydraulic units. This means that each saloon has a total of eight brake circuits. On the front axle, internally ventilated brake discs – each with two callipers – provide reliable deceleration.
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