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The guest of honour on our stand in Bologna is the Lancia Granturismo, a concept car of great stylistic appeal. More than that, it is a veritable live testing ground for the shapes and motifs of Lancia cars to come.
The prototype, the result of a joint venture between the Lancia Style Centre, Studio Carcerano and Carrozzeria Maggiora, represents a meeting point between a quest for good looks and computerised and virtual technology.
The car measures 4260 mm in length, 1920 mm in width and 1410 mm in height and from the outside features an essential purity of form that is a living embodiment of the slogan ‘less is more’. This piece of modern art features great dynamism coupled with beautiful proportions. This stylistic feature, so typical of Lancia tradition, is permanently back in our brief since the advent of the Thesis flagship.
The Granturismo thus offers us the sculpted quality of many models dating from the Fifties and Sixties without ever losing sight of Lancia’s need for its own expressive language. The Granturismo also features HPE (High Performance Estate) architecture, a famous name from the Seventies.
The Lancia Granturismo is built on Thesis mechanicals and equipped with a roomy, welcoming, fully glazed passenger compartment while a long bonnet gives visual emphasis to the front wheel drive layout. The front end is also a sporty take on the Lancia flagship’s leader’s distinctive physiognomy, as evidenced by a stylised grille set into a long bonnet and vertical headlights that underscore the wraparound wings. The surfaces extend stylishly over the car, slipping seamlessly from body to bumper. The HPE-shaped roof is apparently supported by a line of tension that passes through the rear pillars and counterbalances the forward slant of the other lines. The car’s downward tapering surfaces and upright headlights seated on sturdy shoulders are reminiscent of cars such as the Aprilia and Ardea. These hugely appealing retro hints and motifs, survivors from a golden age of world motoring, have now been appropriated by Lancia’s designers and made part of their new stylistic language.
A smoothly-arched, declining line, reminiscent of the Dialogos, distinguishes the side and suggests the tension of a beast waiting to pounce.
The Lancia Granturismo is a tangible expression of tradition and innovation, sportiness and style, emotion and practicality. The fact that this mixture of apparently contradictory features can be brought together to form one harmonious whole in this concept car is a tribute to the bedrock of form and essence now written permanently into Lancia’s DNA. This complex task is made easier by a crack team of designers (Lancia Style Centre) and engineers (Studio Carcerano and Carrozzeria Maggiora) with superb knowledge of design, virtual modelling and prototype production.
The Lancia Granturismo also offers a smooth and supple drive due to a self-adaptive interface, sky-hook suspension and dual frame floorpan: technological features designed to interpret and reflect the driver’s own style
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Source: Lancia Press Release

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