Press Release:

• Advanced Vehicle Navigation system

• XM Satellite Radio*

• Next-generation MagneRide*

• Factory engine oil fill to GF3 oil specifications

• Extended oil change interval to 12,500 miles

• Exterior color – Blue Onyx

• Revised wreath and crest badging

• Úpgraded Radio Data System (RDS) functionality

• Integration kit for tri-band cellular phone*

The Seville has long been at the forefront of innovation and highly advanced technology in the Cadillac lineup. For 2002, the Seville builds on its leadership role with new features that inspire driver confidence and control.

‘The 2002 Seville continues to exert its presence in the global luxury market,’ said Steve Rosenblum, Seville brand manager. ‘Precise, all-weather control and active safety are two of Seville’s hallmarks, and improvements for 2002 strengthen these characteristics.’

Advanced Vehicle Navigation

One significant change is a new Advanced Vehicle Navigation system. The system uses DVD technology and provides more detailed coverage and convenience than the CD-based system it replaces. Drivers can view detailed maps on a 6.5-inch diagonal touch-screen, which is 1.5-inches larger than the previous screen. AVN also incorporates voice recognition, complimenting Cadillac’s ‘eyes on the road, hands on the wheel’ philosophy.

The DVD loads into the front console, rather than in a trunk CD changer. The screen tilts down to allow for the loading of the map data DVD, an entertainment DVD or audio CD while the vehicle is in Park. One DVD covers the continental Únited States and Canada. The previous system used nine CDs. Drivers can still play music CDs while using the DVD system by using a new six-disc CD changer in the console. In addition, passengers can watch DVD movies when the vehicle is in Park.

The GPS-based system has five languages and voice prompts programmable for two drivers. The system remembers 60 preprogrammed locations per driver.

MR technology

Another important advance is a next-generation magnetic-fluid-based variable damping system. Due to be released mid-year, the new MR system responds in one millisecond, 10 times faster than systems on the market today.

MR replaces Cadillac’s continuously variable road-sensing suspension (CVRSS) struts, and offers superior handling, control and ride quality on the roughest road surfaces. It minimizes damping forces as needed for improved road isolation and ride smoothness.

Based on the wheel inputs from the road-sensing suspension, the MR system’s on-board computer sends an electric current to coils in each damper to change the flow properties of the damping fluid. The fluid contains iron particles that are randomly dispersed in the fluid. In the presence of a magnetic field, these iron particles are aligned into structures adopting a near-plastic state, and thus regulating the damping properties of the monotube struts. The fluid can react to the magnetic field and change the damping properties up to 1000 times per second. The system uses a simple combination of existing sensors, as well as §teering wheel and braking input from the driver.


Routine maintenance becomes less time consuming on the 2002 model, with maximum oil and oil filter change intervals increased from 10,000 miles to 12,500 miles.

The Seville also has new factory fill engine oil that meets the industry’s upgraded GF3 oil specifications. The specification results in a .5 to 1 percent increase in fuel economy and a 40 percent reduction in oil consumption. The new oil is more highly refined and contains more detergent inhibitor.

A new color joins Seville’s exterior palette — Blue Onyx, and Cadillac’s redesigned wreath and crest emblem will grace the grille emblem, keys, CHMSL, §teering wheel and engine top cover.

XM Satellite Radio

In 2002, the Seville will have XM Radio, a new band of satellite radio with up to 100 individual channels of digital-quality programming. It will offer an array of innovative formats unavailable in many markets today, including music, news, sports, talk and children’s radio. XM combines commercial-free, limited advertiser-supported and brand-name channels with continuous, uninterrupted service anywhere in the continental Únited States for a $9.99 monthly subscription fee.

The stereo system has been updated with new, simplified Radio Data System (RDS) functions. If a station subscribes to RDS, which allows the radio to receive digital data transmitted along with the standard radio signal, drivers can push a couple of buttons to see song names and artists, as well as the type of radio station.

Also new is a phone integration kit that accommodates a tri-band phone, enabling drivers to access digital, analog or PCS service. The system includes a docking station for the handset and connection equipment. For more information about XM Satellite Radio, see the ‘OnStar’ section of the Corporate press kit.

Price this car:
MSRP: $43,524 – $49,705
Invoice: $39,824 – $45,480
Source: Cadillac Press Release

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